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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Ten Most Memorable Box Pressed Cigars 2017-18 (Shemptember/Kaplowitz Media 3rd Aniversario Celebracion)

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

The month of September, or Shemptember 'round this way, is a month-long Aniversario Celebracion, yes. There's more to it than 'just' that, tho. It's also the month where Kaplowitz Media picks up its pace in financially securing another Aniversario in 365. That's right -- I'm begging for money. Well, busking really & to be further apt. I mean I am performing somewhat here.


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Also throughout the month, I will be 'penning' these "10" lists. Because bitches love lists and they also love my ten" personality. Said lists will be of the year's most MEMORABLE cigars in different groups according to format, top-leaf, origin country, etc. Note: MEMORABLE, and not to be confused with my Cigars of the Year or "best of," coming Sept. 26-30. Although I am certain there will be overlapping. k.

Box Pressing. Does it factor into the taste of a blend? Does the same blend taste different once "pressed?" Depends on who you ask. Asking me? The flavor of any cigar is impacted upon when burn issues arise in any format/blend. BPs seem to have more burn issues than their rounded brethren. The format does feel different in mitt & mouth -- some like that, some don't. I don't really care.

Let's roll.

10 MOST MEMORABLE BP Cigars 2017-18
[listed items are links to full review]

September 1st (time TBD) KAPATHON 2018 (LINK)
September 15th Kaplowitz Media Festival
September 30th CIGAR OF THE YEAR Announced

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