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Caldwell Cigars Blind Man's Bluff Connecticut in Corona - Cigar Review by Kaplowitz

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WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Connecticut
BINDER: Honduran
FILLER: Honduran, Dominican

FORMAT: Corona
ORIGIN: Agroindustrias LAEPE S.A., Honduras

PROFILE: Sweet/Peppery
DELIVERY: Creamy/Smooth

COMBUSTION: excellent
  • Pepper (white)
  • Spice (white ginger & clove)
  • Coffee (heavy on cream & sugar)
  • Chocolate (white & cocoa butter)
  • Nougat (made w/ honey)
  • Citrus (Orange Julius)
  • Fruit (white grapes)
  • Leather (pale suede)
  • Grain (white bread)
  • Floral (chamomile)
  • Dirt (rich)
Overtones of bright, sweet notes toasted lightly up ahead of a peppery front which dials back to let a tick of sour shine through & in. Undertones are sunny as well, with salted bits of yeasty savoriness with a toasted sweet/sour note all their own. All of it softly tangy, never acidic. Balanced well and complex in a very lively fashion -- though not in a hyperactive manner. For all the light creaminess, there is some entrenching of flavors which lead to a nice bit of depth & nuance.

If I said this Blind Man's Bluff in CT had a beautiful body, would it hold it against me? Creamy, smooth, satiating/saturating. Lip-smacking. Yum. Lays rich on the palate with a sunny tingle. Flirts with Chewy like a drunk Han Solo, and methinks no one goes home alone. Ends cleanly after a sweet/sour finish of admirable length. Strength just ain't what this thang is about, Gentlepersons.

Burns on an even line on down, at a moderate pace. Nice amount of smoke both active and passive. Sweet room-note. Ash grows to an inch at a time, that's where I roll it off. Built w/ tight seams and sans hard/soft spots, although it does soften a half-tick ahead of the cool burn. Excellent medium tension'd smooth draw.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

"Two years ago Caldwell Cigar Co. released a new line called Blind Man’s Bluff at the 2015 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show. This release was more than just a new blend though, it was also produced at Agroindustrias Laepe S.A. in Danli, Honduras, the old Camacho factory, which was a different factory than the rest of Caldwell’s cigars were produced. 

"The following year at the 2016 show, they announced the follow up to the original blend. It featured an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper instead of the Ecuadorian habano wrapper used previously, while the binder and filler remained unchanged." - (2017)

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