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Friday, November 24, 2017

Partagas No. 10 - Cigar Review

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That bit of capitalism run amok aside, lettuce looksie this Partagas No. 10.

A typically fugly Cameroon top-leaf. Veiny, lumpy, and once lit, a pair of hair-line cracks happen along the way -- smoke clean-thru. Rolled well 'nuff all-said, but not by a bunch. A tick of loosening-seams at char. Some softening of pack density, but no hard/soft spots. There is an occasional dampening of draw which shifts the tension up but stays in the medium+ spectrum. Burn-line requires some Bic-flick'd guidances, but not an abundance thereof. Ash dumps freely and grey. Burns verily cool on an even languid pace. Nice amount of smoke off each end which ebbs and flows insofar as volume. Leaves a very pleasant room-note of delicately sweet fusty 'baccy earthiness.

Cushiony mouth-feel with a slight tingle. Rich but in a light manner. Smoothly-cool delivery. Balanced well up-top but some helter-skelter activities be-low. No bite. Finish is a lengthier thing than a mild-medium offering might foretell. Settles into some nicely attainable complexities whenst primaries work down-ward through the profile.

Overall a sweet stick (which was the name I performed under during my late 1990s hip-hop career). This is balanced well by some sour notes which attract fusty leanings. Them sour bits doth rise in the 3/3. DOTH RISE. Somewhat of a salty offering, but kindly-so dealt into the sweetness and then warmly unto finish. No real bitter additions on draw, some subtly relegated to finish. Savoriness in a pale non-meaty, oft vegetal manner. Spices are 'nuff for the aforementioned slight-tingle, delivered sans kick.

WRAPPER: Cameroon
BINDER: Mexican San Andres
FILLER: Dominican, Mexican

STRENGTH: Mild-Medium
FORMAT:  Double Corona
ORIGIN: Dominican Republic

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

Sample courtesy of Fumare.
Reno's most exclusive Cigar Boutique.
Specializing in rare and hard to find cigars.

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