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Kristoff Connecticut - Cigar Review

Join me gentlepersons, as I continue to smoke through this Kristoff sampler-pack. To-day, the Connecticut -- tomorrow, I'm not certain. Can we ever, really, be certain of our tomorrows? Mainly I'm just too lazy to go look in my humidor. Therefore sans further ado, adon't or amaybe --

This 2016 addition to the Kristoff portfolio is their second Connie after the Brittania Reserva and may-well be just what the doctor ordered to calmly-smooth me into another week... that's a lie. Mondays ain't meant nothing to me in years. That's not a brag of leisurely life-style -- it's just to say, like Rick Ross, Everyday I'm Hustlin'. Apologies for the seemingly more ado, adon't and amaybe after promising no-more. I digress. The format in my greedy top of the work-week mitt is another more Toro-ish looking to me Robusto-labeled thing, with pig-tail and closed-foot. As per Kristoff usual, it originates in the Dominican Republic, like so many wonderful short-stops.

Construction shows less-than tight but evenly-hewn seams and somewhat lumpy shaft with moderate veins. A bit tick greenish under-hue on brown-bag even complected canvass with perchance a half-tick goldenrod vibing. The density is quite soft and particularly-so toward the cap. No hard-spots. (Come the second-half it is very-soft and at the band, warmly-temp'd.) Draw is open with bupkis tension. Combustion is a slight curve'd thing, not requiresome of re-touch via flicked-Bic. Some aeration of char is exhibited. Still, ash grows to an inch at a time even whenst I bump it putting my hoodie-hood on. Some hot ash falls down my back. Ugh. Mondays. Wait, I covered that. Nice smoky-smoke out-put from resting foot and into smoke-hole as well. Room-note is a cumulus cloud of vanilla spiced cream. Pacing is slow, belying an already established less-than firm roll.

Not as complex as its aforementioned Brittania brethren but of heightier flavors -- if not haughtier. Those notes got roots but each seems to remain in and of itself, not breeding nuance. Straight-forward, but not in-your-face. Kinda'a world-class stogie. A retro-hale displays a surprising zetz a' white pepper which falls clear to my tongue, bypassing my palate, to a tingly lemon black-pepper. Finish is a sweet and mildly-spiced candied pale nut vanilla extract.

Tasting notes (pinkies-up time, gentlepersons) are a primary sweet melange of vanilla cream, nougat, and white chocolate. Backing them in the secondary is a high-up cashew and macadamia/pine wood and soft cedar which injects itself into the creaminess. Then some sorta exotic spices accompanying white and black pepper. Tangy bits of lemon which hither and thither rear up at the immediate draw. There is an occasional sharpness from that mainly subtle piquancy/acidity. A bright earth with tick of dirt and littler tic of white tea construct the under-belly. Over-all, we're talking cream with a slight tingle which on occasion spikes to almost sharp. Furthermore, I'd say this is a mainly pleasant and verily attainable treat whenst light-hearted simplicity is doth preferred. Lest I be remiss, insofar as strength this Connecticut is mild. In terms a' body and flavors, medium.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

Pick this Kristoff Connecticut up as part of the Kristoff Fresh Pack Natural Sampler over at Cigars City. For I doth done did. Tell Anthony Kap sent ya. Then remind him, "Kap. The guy with the blog. Jewish. Good-looking. Witty."

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