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Kristoff Brittania Reserva - Cigar Review

To-day I take a chilly rainy autumn looksie at the Kristoff Brittania Reserva offering, one positioned differently-mild in the company's normally not-mild portfolio. The recipe sees a Dominican binder laid twixt Nicaraguan and Dominican guts with a calming Honduran Connecticut top-leaf placed over-top. This particular peek at this particular blend is via its Robusto format, although it seems just as Toro to me. There's an unfinished foot and pig-tail cap. It comes to my Pacific Northwest porch via the Dominican Republic, with a stop-or-two in-between.

The construction on display displays quite-nicely exhibiting tight nigh invisible seams and well-affixed cap/shoulder assemblage. Nary tooth to be-seen. Quite veiny, but 'tis a leaf, gentlepersons, and none are egregious harbingers of errant burnings. A tick lumpy. Draws smooth and even with perhaps just a whisper of hesitance on its immediate on-set.

Burns straight 'nuff sans Bic-flick re-direct, but shy of perfect and ain't you all. I mean we. Its pace is quite slow, but even and not tedious. Simply a cool char. Burnt-offerings don't quite cling to an inch at a time of medium-grey dime-stackings. A moderate smoke out-put leaves in its wake a pleasantly mellow sweet earth room-note with some slight malty-fusty complexities.

Those whispered complexities are on the draw, too -- not via transitions, but a plethora or myriad of nuances -- whichever is greater. Primary notes are a hazelnut blonde latte with yellow-spiced cream. Secondary notes ride close-behind and offer dandelion tea with orange-blossom honey stirred-in. Suede. Soft-woods and pine nut cookies. White chocolate is hither and thither as is a caramel vibe. The under-belly is a seeping down-ward of suede into a honey-malt laden bright earth.

Those high-falutin tasting notes which some may call silly and rightly so, are delivered in the advertised mellow-manner, lettuce say mild-medium. The body with its cream and schviting suede goes all the way up to a rich medium which builds to moderate-plus length'd legs. Strength is mild as mild can-be. Well-balanced all-'round and very thoughtfully-so. A kind bit of white pepper can be glimpsed through the schnoz.

Pick this Kristoff Brittania Reserva up as part of the Kristoff Fresh Pack Natural Sampler over at Cigars City. For I doth done did.

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