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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jacoub's Habano - Cigar Review

Gentlepersons, I have opened comments for this post. Many have asked "why no comments?" Well, ya got 'em now. I do this in the spirit of giving that is Shemptember, on Shemptember's eve. Chances are, on October 1, we go back to 'normal.' You have been keeping up on my Shemptember News & Events, no? Of course ya've been.
Jacoub's Cigars Habano in Toro

Combustion and construction are each a half-tick to the left a' moderate, but performance in full hits the Mendoza's top nicely 'nuff. Do, humsoever, keep a flame at the re-touch ready. Too, needs puffed in double/triples and purged hither and thither. Notes include: a cocoa buttery somewhat muted/mottled lemony mulling spice piquancy. Leathery hardwood middlings, and fusty dirt underbelly. Bitters some nigh its half via an acidic blonde coffee addition, till cream and sugar hit coming outta that section.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

WRAPPER: Habano Colorado
FILLER: Nicaraguan & Costa Rican

ORIGIN: Dominican Republic
IN (sports) ADDITION:
(boxing) Rocco Francis Marchegiano (Rocky Marciano), swarmer for the ages and newly re-revered holder of 49-0 record, died to-day in 1969. He was a day away from turning 46. Rocky was being flown in a tiny Cessna pointed towards Des Moines. It was dark. The weather, bad. The pilot, green. May his memory be for a blessing.

Rocky Marciano, Jr. is currently calling for an asterisk to be placed after Mayweather's 50, in regards to its strength of opponent. Funny. Whist I am on the record as enjoying Marciano's well-deserved resurgence of legacy in light of his vaulted 49 being passed -- I don't think strength of opposition should be the particular stone thrown in this particular glass house. I remain not one to condemn a boxer, the era in which he plied his trade, humsoever.
(baseball) The Trolley Dodgers of LA are knee-deep in the first substantial losing streak of their juggernaut-esque 2017 season. Their pace is still one for history, on-par to match the 2001 Seattle Mariners 116 Ws. Along the way, there hath been no small amount of Hollywood theatrics by way of comebacks and walk-offs. My fear for them is that hasn't gone into a winter hibernation, likely to be awaken from for a spring run at fall pennant -- it's just stopped being enough. Down 6-0 to the D-Backs yesterday; they ended with their fourth in a row loss at 6-4. Coming up short within yer modus operandi context, is way more dangerous than getting temporarily shellacked. Transversely, how's 'bout them Cubs? Now there's a timely awakening.

IN (fashion) ADDITION:
A gentleperson writes: "... trucker hats? ..."
Answer: yes. YES, even.

I'll see yous tomorrow (9/1) over at as I kick off Shemptember with four hours of live stream video beginning at 10am. Are you ready for some football? Me too. On November 2nd.

(horse racing) Two-time Eclipse Award recipient filly Songbird was retired this morn. More on that in a future, later to-day, post.
"To-day's the Day!" Kaplowitz Radio: August 30, 2017