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Montecristo White Series - Cigar Review & BONUS AJ Fernandez, Matt Booth, Robert Caldwell The Truth, Hit & Run Chat

White Series
654 Toro
Bit of a hesitant draw and lump'd-up shaft. Burn wobbles, re-touching ain't readily accepted. Primary notes are weak coffee/salted lemon closely delivered on Angel Food Cake and pale spice middlings. Under-belly is dirt. Draw fixes. Burn starts to self-correct. Sweet wood/hay. White pepper through-the-nose dropping flowery to palate.

Feels rather under-packed. Softens, but seams hold -- humsoever -- draw restricts. Feels damp. Ash builds to inch easily, but lilts lamely. Cream then mo' cream. Wood is pine, hay abates. Mascara is jagged but evenly-so. Lemon flows and gets table sugar'd, salt ebbs. Smoothly un-satiating yet saturating a tick more-so. Quick-burn. 

Some heightening of profile. Flexing of Dominican. Marzipan introduction. Acacia honey. Seams loosen some small tick, yet draw corrects again. Pale grains go to under-belly. Acidity via lemon note is nigh off-putting at times. Cream dials back. Only constant delivery is on-set's weak coffee. Finish is longer than expected sour-sweetness. 

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59
WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Dominican, Nicaraguan

STRENGTH: Mild-Medium
ORIGIN: Dominican

My pallies at Cigars City have a nice price set on their Montecristo White Label Toro - Box of 27. Hashtag just sayin'.

[From a Messenger conversation twixt myself and un-namaed pally.]
re: Matt Booth: The Sequel | w/ Robert Caldwell & AJ Fernandez - Cigar News

HE: Wow... Caldwell, Booth and AJ in a three-way.
This will be expensive.
Also, I hope they wear protection.

ME: How's anyone gonna get pregnant that way???
I love how you went right to cost.

HE: Does this cigar sound good to you? I mean, Caldwell and AJ aren't exactly birds of a feather.
And Booth's stuff never really knocked my socks off.

ME: Excellent summation. 
I sense another AOK but maybe with cooler packaging.

HE: Yeah... seems primed to be overhyped and under-delicious.

ME: I'm thinking Caldwell is into his cut and run phase. 
Booth is in/out. 
AJ is like baby-sitting here --- and doing most of the work on top of it.

HE: But what kind of tobacco can he possibly have left?

ME: AJ? Probably sitting on plenty. But might not use the good stuff here...

HE: Right. Exactly.