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Martinez Cigars Don Antonio - Cigar Review

Martinez Cigars Don Antonio
Escogito Maduro 650 Toro
Leaves a rather refreshing and moist mouth-feel via finish of light syrup front, lemongrass rear. Immediate draw is maple wood and sweetbitter chocolate fruit & nut bar. A bissell black pepper through-the-schnoz brings a mug a' Americano in its wake. Somewhat herbal/vegetal middlings. Compost under-belly. Performs excellently all 'round.

Easy & straight-forward, a smooth-mild actor playing a calm-jaunty role;
leaving a pleasant, at times floral, sweet note in room and in smoke-hole.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

WRAPPER: Brazilian Maduro
BINDER: Sumatra
FILLER: Dominican, Nicaraguan

STRENGTH: Mild-Medium
ORIGIN: 171 West 29th Street NYC, USA
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"Since 1974, Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars Factory has produced some of the very finest cigars available anywhere in the world. All Martinez Cigars are made by hand in our factory in midtown New York City, by the most talented rollers, expertly blended with the finest tobaccos. We proudly maintain the tradition begun by our founder, Don Antonio Martinez, honoring his talents, skills and memory. As owner Jesus Martinez says, "I’m sure that a Martinez cigar is one of the best you will ever smoke."" - Martinez Cigars website.

In speaking with brand-owner Jesus Martinez, I gained a bit of insight as to the history of this Don Antonio blend. On the heals of their first blend, a Dominican puro, Jesus’s father found more and more of his customers asking after milder cigars. Enter this Don Antonio, which Jesus named after him in homage some-time there-after. A Connecticut wrapper and this, the company's first Maduro. My, how palates have changed. Who the heck asks for milder smokes these brawny and bearded days? Moi, that's whom.

As to Jesus and his cigar industry journey, his father Don Antonio, was a cigar roller in Tamboril and came to the US at the dawning of the 1970s. He at first worked here with a NYC based Cuban-roller and in a couple years, opened his own shop which still stands to-day. Jesus was raised in the shop, helping customers and learning the business. Now it's his and he's going strong, with a keen eye on the future and remembrance of the past. Currently ain't so bad neither...

If ya get a chance to visit Martinez Cigars, yer guaranteed a primo hang-out. As you sit and shoot the feces -- you know, for feces and facial gestures -- watching as the rollers prepare yer next round.

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Summer Cuts.