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Friday, May 01, 2020

Illusione Cigars Awarded Two Stars | A Kaplowitz Guide Update

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

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Two Kaplowitz Media. Stars are awarded to Illusione Cigars.

Illusione is a large-voiced brand, predominantly projected/amplified thru excellent tobaccos, quality craftsmanship, and outside-the-box marketing -- all quite well adhered to in terms of a keenly self-aware vision. Their Nicaraguan leaf highlights the best of the region's growth. Bold yet refined & complex, never brash nor simplistic.

A step-up in palate prowess & totally not a front for a secret society determined to rule the world. More like a tremendous brand under the watchful eye of Dion Giolito, whose experience & expertise pull from & in turn permeate, every corner of the cigar industry. The same industry his company seems fixed and/or fixated on transcending.

Try their Garagiste, for a portfolio-pushing vino adventure. But first, smoke the ~ mk ~ teaching machine for a lay of the brand's terroir. Also, the pristine f9 Finesse may-be my favorite stick on the market.

::: very :::