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God of Fire (2014) Cigars by Carlito Fuente in Double Robusto - Cigar Review by Kaplowitz

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WRAPPER: Cameroon
FILLER: Dominican

FORMAT: Double Robusto
ORIGIN: Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia, Dominican Republic

PROFILE: Sweet/Sour
DELIVERY: Creamy/Smoky


Sweet (cocoa butter & cream) & sour (lightly roasted coffee bean) overtones are bright, soft, and increasingly smoky with an underlying toastiness.  Savoriness is smoky twixt the top/bottom notes and cycles 'tween a vegetal (grain) and leather (suede) delivery. Undertones consist mainly of a less bright but far from dark pepper (white with a lingering red on the finish)-spice (paprika, cinnamon). Some fruity things circle around up and down in papaya manners, mostly. Pale grapes, maybe. A distinct floral (hibiscus) note is on the aroma of the draw and in the retro-hale's tail-end. Some tangy bits surface at mid-point when the flavors and strength of the stick rise.

Never acidic even at its Dominican tangiest. Balanced excellently, almost to a trance-inducing effect. Not complex but there is some interest in the depthy-depths of its nuanced notes.

Smooth, rich, and chewy in a heavy whipping cream manner. Heavily & softly bodied. The finish is maybe shorter than one may expect from the weight of draw and body, but what's there shows some fine ticks of floral fruity peeks. Ends cleanly with maybe a slight orange pith ghosting. Temp of smoke to smoke-hole: cool, Daddy-O. Strength? Maybe a hair more than the typical Fuente, maybe not.

Combustion is a disappointment, I'm afraid. A constant wobble of a ribbony burn exists. While the ash does grow in a tight sheath, underneath the burn takes on a cone something fierce. Smoke out-put is light on the passive side and takes a toke to warm up actively. The need to double & triple puff my way thru proly added to that conical char, but was unavoidable... hence "need." Room-note is very nice and shows a sweet buttery 'baccy. Another plus here is the pacing is quite nice, even with a handful of re-touches to the wayward mascara-line.

Insofar as construction: the Cameroon top-leaf is crackly and delicate -- to be expected -- but still. No hard/soft spots in an even and tight roll, here. Lots of tobacco, Gentlepersons and that tobacco is quite good. Seams stay firm gate-to-wire. The draw has been made mention of prior and is of a medium+ tension. Cap/shoulder starts & stays well-built.

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

"Carlos Fuente, Sr. (aka Don Carlos) and his son, Carlito Fuente, blended the God of Fire cigars. God of Fire by Don Carlos uses an Ecuadorian wrapper while God of Fire by Carlito has a Cameroon wrapper. Don Carlos and Carlito Fuente have adjusted their blends to suit each size and shape of cigar offered. All God of Fire cigars can be considered medium-bodied, and all deliver a smooth, refined character and a satisfying, full flavor. Beyond those common traits, though, no further generalizations can be made. One must sample all of the God of Fire cigars to experience the wealth of flavors this line offers.

"God of Fire by Carlito, Double Robusto (52 x 5 3/4) The extraordinary Carlito Double Robusto is the ideal host cigar-perfect for enjoying on your own or sharing with guests. It begins gently enough for even a novice smoker to enjoy, and gradually introduces more intense flavors in a way that is never intimidating or overwhelming. The cigar opens with a mild, buttery taste reminiscent of a fresh-baked Parisian croissant. About a third of the way through, it grows gradually and subtly more potent, introducing the smoky, earthy flavor of a peaty Islay single-malt scotch." - Brent Butterworth,

"God of Fire is made annually, in extremely limited quantities, making it a hard to come by super-premium. These choice cigars come in two blends: one by Carlito Fuente, the other by Don Carlos. Either way, you're in for a full-flavored treat ... Carlito Fuente: Stronger still is the Carlito blend. Chock full of Dominican long-fillers, this handmade utilizes a toothy Cameroon wrapper to deliver a full-bodied, spicy smoke similar to the Casa Fuente brand." -

s/o Bob

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