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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Graycliff Silver - Cigar Review

I understand that each box of these Graycliff Silver cigars comes with a certificate of authenticity. PayPal me 'nuff moolah and I'll write you up my own certificate of authenticity. For one shant be careless whenst perusing blogs, ya see. There is the Dark Web and too there are Russian hackers 'round every corner purveying fake news. Foward gelt HERE. What price to pay for the safety and security of you and yer loved ones? Soitenly we can think of a monetary figure which suits each of our budgets. 

Ah, but on-to the cigar at frozen autumn-morning hand, the aforementioned Graycliff Siver...

Burns coolly even with occasional self-correcting and oh-so-slight wobbles as to nowt mention a thing, lo I just-did. Languidly paced. Rolled verily-well with tight seams and well-assembled cap and shoulder; sans hard/soft spots and nary a softening through progression. Excellent smooth draw set to an even-keeled medium+ tension. Smoke hits the palate cool as a cuke which allows for a look at some sparkling complexities. Texture is quite velvety with a slight but lively tingle.

Citrus-intwined creamy cedar along-side a complex array of subtle exotic spices. Grains, blonde vanilla latte, and a caramelized sugar'd suede flesh-out the softly bulging middlings. Under-belly is clay dirt sweetened by traces of golden hay and honey malt. The finish exhibits a sashaying extension of draw and out-stretched toasting of the grains, roasting of the woods. Oak plays hither and thither as does a salted fusty influence.

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian
BINDER: Ecuadorian
FILLER: Costa Rica, Honduras, Philippines, Nicaragua

ORIGIN: Bahamas

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

Sample courtesy of Fumare.
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