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Monday, September 25, 2017

A Review of Recent Grade A Cigar Offerings

Below is the S(h)e(m)ptember Cigars of the Month listing. I now hath accumulated all the data needed to unveil the Cigar of the Year on S(h)e(m)ptember 30th. From (a couple days from) now till then, I will create a CotY post in which all monthly bests shall be named. Then via update, the best of each month will be named. Then two finalists will fall off. THEN, the remainder shall be listed in order. "BOOM," as them younger than I say.
Butt first, like a breech birth:
"And find I'm A number one,
Top of the list.
King of the hill --
A number one."
- Frank Sinatra, New York, New York
Gentlepersons, below is a list as shallow and pedantic as Lois Griffin's meatloaf. Yet too, as titillating as Meatloaf's one thing he would not do. It is a list of recent (September '17) cigar offerings I found to be worthy of A (A- to A+) review ratings.

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