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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bombay Tobak Gaaja - 10 Facts Cigar Review

Bombay Tobak Gaaja
6 1/2 x 54 Torpedo Box Press
w. Ecuador Connecticut Desflorado, Variety Hybrid Mejorado 2004
b. Ecuador HVA Seca Mejorada
Seco: PerĂº Hybrid Habano
Viso: Ecuador criollo 98, Paraguay Hybrid Habano 2000, Dominican criollo 98.
Ligero: Dominican HVA Mejorado
m. Costa Rica
1. Construction Is Very Good
Nigh velvet hand-feel, excellently balanced in mitt. Perhaps a tick light a' heft. Verily, tight and even seams. Superb medium tensioned and even-keeled draw. Box press is a mild one, loosens some yet holds. No hard/soft spots on a moderately dense packing which softens a goodly some in 3/3. Cool smoke to smoke-hole, gate-to-wire.

2. The Gaaja Delivers Many a Pretty Note to the Palate.
Cashews. Oats. Americano espresso. Cedar, softly and sweetly. Suede. Caramel, salted. Table sugar. Butterscotch. Bright sweet dirt with creamy hay attachment. Fusty all the live-long. Wedges of sweet lemon and orange citruses. White wine. A buttermilk creaminess. Buttery yeastiness. Angel Food cake. Apple blossom honey. Delicate floral notes, chamomile.

3. Transitions and Consistency Are Each Brilliant in the Gaaja
Both transitional and consistent -- no herky-jerky and immature gear-grinding shift. No chemical come-ons nor otherwise down-grades in changings. All dalliances toward differing deliveries and new note intros are quite germane and gentlemanly; delicate even. Lovely?

4. Cruise Control Combustion
Superbly paced on an even burn-line. Pale burnt offering built on a sheath and easily to an inch+. Occasional and slight coning of fillers. Some fluting of shaft 'bout a half-inch off of burn. 3/3 softening is 'nuff to ribbon/wobble burn a bit. No retouches mandated by a country mile. 

5. A Medium Bodied Offering Both Robust and Refrained
A slight peppery spiced tingle on the corners of my tongue. Creaminess and suede. Soft butter. Pristinely soft texture.

6. Interesting and Delicate Pepper Spices
Light, sweet exotic spices and finely ground white pepper. Delivered as enhancements to notes. Never sharp nor off-putting, even on retro-hale.

7. The Gaaja is Deeply Nuanced and Brilliantly Complex
Wonderful depth of notes in nuances which play together as they circle downward. Verily. verily complex therein.

8. Strength Is Mild-Medium
Ne'er beyond half--tick of strength. A delightful wooziness twixt and behind eyes. Floaty, like on a cloud.

9. The Gaaja's Finish is Subtle and Splendid
Long, thin legs of sweet exotic spices. A lingering fustiness cleansed via citrus.

10. Balance Par Excellence
Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami are all represented quite well. Body and strength are well done unto themselves and in conjunction to flavors.

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