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Partagas 1845 - Cigar Review

Partagas 1845
6 1/4 x 54 Toro Grande
w. Ecuadorian Habano
b. Connecticut Habano
f. Dominican Republic & Nicaraguan
m. Dominican Republic

Construction is a notable softening of pack as smoke progresses, but does not influence medium+ tension of satiating and saturating draw. Quite the veiny thing, but acts as no impediment to burn. Though a couple of retouches are lightly mandated. Veins tighten nicely as smoke smokes. Very thick soft oily leather hand-feel.
Combustion is nice, speaking of, then putting retouches aside. Binder does seem to burn a tick separately. Excellent slow and even pacing, no warming of shaft nor smoke to smoke-hole. Ash builds well and densely so on an medium-grey canvas all but sans flaking. Thick 'nuff to roll off at each third as to not over-insulate char.

Flavors are full, robust, balanced and of an oily chew. Meaty and earthy... a brisket vibe with compost/barnyard/top-soil addition. Nice red spices with sweet touches of vanilla and red fruit syrups. Black pepper on the retro-hale in a smooth manner; adds to the sweetness of profile when dropped to palate. Body is a medium-full leaning toward full. Oily leathers, vanilla creams well. Strength is a heavy meal in the challah-basket but sits there well and warmly. Chest is warm a la a sipping Bourbon. Eyes swim some, but kindly 'nuff so -- medium-full erring toward a robust medium.

Well balanced profile, deeply nuanced. Transitions are somewhat lacking. An excellent cigar along-side a cup of French roast coffee, post-supper.

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