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Cala Cigars Gran Reserva - Cigar Review

Cala Cigars Gran Reserva
6 x 50 Double Corona
w. Dominican Habano Rosado
b./f. Dominican
m. Dominican Republic

"The name Calá in the Greek language means beauty. For us, beauty in a cigar must have all the attributes along with perfect lines and Dominican Habano Rosado wrapper to complete it. The Calá cigar truly has a fantastic eye appeal. Is a 100% Dominican hand-rolled cigar made in Tamboril Santiago de Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic." --

I first looked at this blend in Robusto HERE.
Give that a looksie, gentlepersons -- as I may very well reference it herein this Redux.


  • Verily a perfumed schnoz on pre-light
  • Cocoa butter and floral cold draw, with a nice cinnamon zetz.
  • The above cold is on the hot, as well. + Cedar and stiff suede.
  • Retro-hale is peppery spice -- all thems, gentlemanly. Ya simply must!
  • Pack softens evenly to a medium+*.
  • Ash cleans up after 1/2" -- holds to a solid medium grey inch+**.
  • Seams tighten during 1/3 heating-up.
  • Fleshy, not meaty -- light -- chicken broth. W/ matzoh balls.
  • One of the best draws I recall. Smooth even medium+ tension.
  • Honey. Yes, dear? Honey. Yes dear? HONEY. Oh.
  • Caramel and greater floral bits dance with buttery cedar.
  • Cushy body, sassy mouth, sweet soul. This Cala is a shiksa, soitenly.
  • Shaft gets verily oil'd as smoke progresses. Darkens a shade.
  • Rich earthen under-belly features cocoa butter and sweet citrus.
  • Leathery oils mount and mount and, ya know, mount.
  • Cashew butter, salted.


  • Rough-hewn...
  • ...pre-light of uneven seams and hastily affixed cap...
  • ...Veiny and lumpy shaft.
  • Almost over-packed firm+*.
  • Care seems needed in cutting cap.
  • Some flaking on ash**.
  • Slight re-touch at mid-point.

"Chicken broth. W/ matzoh balls."
"Cushy body, sassy mouth, sweet soul. This Cala is a shiksa, soitenly."
Picture it: Neptune Avenue. Brooklyn, New York. 1930ish. My paternal grandfather, Nathan. Son of a Chassidic Rabbi, on a stoop hanging out with his chums. All fellow Jews. When he sees a girl.
"Wow," Says he. Continues -- "Look at that shikse."
"That's my sister, schmuck." Says one chum.
They were married within that year.
My paternal grandfather and my non-shiksa grandmother, I mean. Chums didn't marry one another then.
*       *
"Retro-hale is peppery spice -- all thems, gentlemanly. Ya simply must!"
Picture it: 11032 E. Ostego Ln. Walkerton, Indiana. 1990s. I pull my '77 Mustang with leaky T-top into my parents' driveway. My mom greets me from the porch. I am smoking a cigarette. She cringes at this... I exhale the Marlboro through my nostrils... she says, "Oy, you even blow it out your nose."


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