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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cala Cigars Gran Reserva - Cigar Review

Cala Cigars Gran Reserva
5 x 50 Robusto
w. Dominican Habano Rosado
b./f. Dominican

"The name Calá in the Greek language means beauty. For us, beauty in a cigar must have all the attributes along with perfect lines and Dominican Habano Rosado wrapper to complete it. The Calá cigar truly has a fantastic eye appeal. Is a 100% Dominican hand-rolled cigar made in Tamboril Santiago de Los caballeros, Dominican Republic." --
k a p l O w i t z
Some signs of haste, perchance and/or mayhaps? Loosey-goosey seams and not entirely evenly so. Cap is somewhat rough-hewn up-on crooked-ish shoulder. -Average veinage. Good tooth poking up through dense matte sheen. Cocoa hue'd even complexion with a only slight and germane espresso bean marbling. Tobacco at the foot is an even-packed -full density of monochromatic auburn locks. There is a soft-spot apparent on the Charmin squeeze test at band-point. Cap is firm. Rest of barrel medium+ with a nice spring-back.

k a p l o w I t z
Smooth and even medium+ tension'd draw. Oils work up on shaft and darken it as it warms; seams tighten and packing evens. Smoke and barrel are each cool gate-to-wire. Nice EZ hand-feel with a gentlemanly gruffiness.

k a p l o w I t z
Smoke-out put is an ever-growin' doozy of eggshell colored cumulus clouds. Burn-line is imperfect on acount'a some ribboning, but self-correcting and requiresome of only a singular 3/3 re-touch. Ash is a ladder-runging on of heather-to-medium grey marbling with silver flecks of burnt offerings tooth. Some slight flowering in 3/3. Makes an inch of growth easily in an oily manner with zilch flake. Top-leaf/binder/filler all burn on-par. Pace seems to slow a tick as the experience unfurls -- I'm okay with said experience lasting longer.

k a p l o W i t z
Cold draw is a nutty cocoa earthiness, sweetly spiced and softly-so. Heated up, there's somewhat of a split-personality profile of sweetly spiced cedar, pecan, and earth ... and a separate caramel mocha. More delineated than a simple shared primary. Twixt the personalities is a sweetly spiced natural tobacco, which lends from each profile. Dollops of heavy cream are added as smoke progresses. Still in the 1/3, leathery oils mix with cream to create a neat-O umami chew. White pepper at end of opening act. More woody/nutty with a soaring caramel and black pepper addition in the 2/3. Coffee-driven dirt under-belly with a citrus lilt. Mid-point transition brings raisins into the mix and tho primary notes stay the same, they are now medicated and working in nice tandem. Verily complex, this Cala offering. A touch a' fusty, to boot. In the closing act, a heavy avocado honey is added to the earthen base-line and richens it well.

According to The National Honey Board: Avocado honey is gathered from California avocado blossoms. Avocado honey is dark in color, with a rich, buttery taste. It is wonderful in dressings and sauces. According to moi: yummy. Hathing already noted the great complexities, I too will add balance and nuance to that realm. Excellent transitions, and right were ya'd expect 'em.

k a p l o w I t z
Chewy smoke via cream and leather bits. Slight+ tongue tingle via an inherently spicy tobacco. Finish is -long-legged and complex'd by a sweetening of bittersweet to sweetbitter -- fustiness is mainly therein. Lotsa caramel cocoa meanderings. Smoothly textured yet tempered by a citrusy spiciness, which ends quite cleanly.

k a p l O w i t z
Goes to yer head in a swoon fresh outta the gate, not at all in an unsettling manner. Stays thatta way. Doth get vaguely throaty in bits via black pepper. Nice chest-zetz but no challah-basket thump. A bit of a schvitz on upper-lip.

k a p l o W i t z
Cold schoz notes include dry manure and Hershey's Kisses. At the foot, a smattering of spiced earth is added. Sweetly spiced and leathery natural tobacco room-note. Enchanting, really.


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