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Monday, January 23, 2017

Protocol Probable Cause - Cigar Review

Cubariqueno Cigar Company
Protocol Probable Cause
6 1/2 x 48 Churchill Box-press
w. Mexican San Andrean Maduro
b./f. Nicaraguan
m. La Zona SA, Nicaragua (Erik Espinosa)

  • Luscious looking box-press chocolate sinfullness.
  • Nicely even press. Minimal veins, smooth hand-feel.
  • Great sheen over-top even, dark complexion.
  • Even medium pack density, no hard/soft spots.
  • Excellent tooth.
  • Cold draw is a rich Mexican spiced mocha latte.
  • Heavy tropical floral notes.
  • S'Mores San Andrean flavor.
  • Spicy tingle via red stuffs on a chewy body.
  • Red wine? Syrupy sweet Manischewitz-style.
  • Ash grows to an inch of silvery pale-grey loose sheath.
  • Draw is a smooth medium+ tension throughout.
  • Even doses of smoke to smoke-hole, gate to wire.
  • B I G smoke out-put.
  • Molasses in 2/3 sweetens profile deeply.
  • ... Cinnamon, nutmeg, and a new cumin rise to balance.
  • Seams tighten nicely as it cooks.
  • Leathery dense oily mid-point transition.
  • ... weightier compost under-belly there, too. Ne'er was light.
  • Nice couple transitions off notes nuances and deepenings.
  • Goodly complex of an offering.
  • 3/3 is a soaring toasting of previous subtle mesquite/oak/cedar.
  • - full flavors carried on a like-wise body.
  • Smooth textured smoke, cool from foot to nub.
  • Press rounds, but holds.
  • Moist-side of medium in smoke-hole, but not spitty. Oily.
  • Heavy and long bittersweet finish w/spicy attachment.


  • Seams are a tick uneven, loose in spots.
  • Not a very pungent cold aroma.
  • 1/3 Burn-line wobbles ribbons some, no retouch mandated.
  • Some flake in burnt offerings.
  • Binder burns a tick-away from fillers, at times.
  • Top-leaf occasionally lags in combustion hither and tither.
  • 2/3 re-touch needed to abate slight canoe threat.
  • Shoulder comes a bissell loose.
  • 3/3 starts with a necessitated re-touching.
  • Spicy bits of finish fatigue palate a half-tick come 3/3.


This is my second kicking of this blend/vitola's tires. Read the first go HERE.
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