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Protocol Probable Cause - Cigar Review

Cubariqueno Cigar Company
Protocol Probable Cause
6 1/2 x 48 Churchill Box-press
w. Mexican San Andrean Maduro
b./f. Nicaraguan
La Zona SA, Nicaragua
k a p L o w i t z 
A retouch is mandated at thereabouts an inch in, and doesn't go very far in correcting somewhat of a runner-threat. Burn-line is not ever perfected, but no further finaglings are necessitated. Twice, a pin-hole of a tunnel threat looms, but retreats its advances. As with all Churchills, your pacing is important, perhaps more so than its own... this Probable Cause hath that in spades. Smoke slow, gentlepersons. Sip. Smoke out-put off each end grows throughout the experience. Ash errs towards flakiness, colored in heather-grey with medium grey up-ticks. The there burnt offerings show a good amount of the top-leaf's tooth.

k a p l o W i t z
Box-press is of a softer varietal, but stays put throughout. Draw is silky smooth and evenly satiating of smoke-hole. Shoulder frays a tick, no big whoop. Density of pack stays a medium+ Charmin squeeze from gate to wire. Evenly packed leaf speak throuugh a slow and even burn. Seams don't budge an iota. Smoke doth remaineth cool to ye tooth-picked nubbeth.

k a p l o W i t z
Top-notes include black pepper, dark chocolate shavings, spiced (chili/cumin) cedar, and compost/barnyard/top-soil, richly so. Verily dark and toasted smoky. Tobacco is a nigh aromatic pipe thing. Driving the under-tones is an espresso/sarsaparilla melange (gets a molasses injection after 1/3), a toasted butter, some vibes of smoked nuttiness. Under-belly is a smooth leather influenced earthiness, wrapped around from up-top. Dalliances of purple fruits from dried to syrupy, lace the profile hither and tither. Darkly sweetly grains doth do too.

k a p l o W i t z
Smooth in a not overly butter cream'd manner. A calm earthy tobacco. Dense. Nice long bittersweet legs on a pleasantl clean mouth-feel. Not a lot of tingle, especially when bearing in mind the profile. Robust and kind. Ends exceptionally clean.

k a p l O w i t z
Sinewy. A thin, narrow stage, tho too, very well reinforced. Not a nicotine blitz, but it's there in a kindly mannered half-buzz of sorts. Tobacco back-bone carries the load quite well.
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