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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jas Sum Kral Zlatno Sonce - Cigar Review

Jas Sum Kral
Zlatno Sonce
6 x 52 Toro, box-press & pig-tail
w. Ecuadorian Connecticut
b. Undisclosed
f. Nicaraguan: Esteli & Jalapa
2006 and 99 Corojo
m. New Order of the Ages (NOA), Nicaragua
(Noel Rojas)
k a p l o w I t z
Love the band, again -- I'm a sucker for white. Embellishments are gold lions and filigree. Neat-O font. Raised stuffs. Some hints of faux (natch) marbling of said white. Stick shaft is spider-veiny, but no crimped ridges nor broad veins. A bit dry till lit and heated, then a thin sheen develops. Scant fine tooth. Even Connie complexion with goldenrod under-belly. Pig-tail cap and closed-foot make me feel all special and whatnot -- the ganze meggillah!

k a p l o W i t z
Tight even seams. Nicely affixed cap. Medium draw tension till the half when it firms to a medium+, smoothly; 3/3 is a return to /3. Begins as a cold medium+ firmness of pack, then becomes a medium with lively spring-back. No hard/soft spots. Seams loosen a bit ahead of mid 2/3 char. Some slight loosening of shoulder. A half-tick of top-leaf lifts in the 3/3 onset, but smokes through evenly. Cool well shaped nubberino.

k a p l o W i t z
Firstly, tonsa white thick smoke out-put from each end, gate-to-wire. Burn-line ribbons on a thicker-than-thin line, but no touch-up is hinted at through-out. Ash is a light to nigh charcoal marbling of flake-free ladder-rungs. Makes it to an inch of growth there. Oily-cored. Pace is a slowing one, which burns warmer via progression. Even combustion of wrapper/binder/filler.

k a p l o W i t z
Ground ginger, turmeric, fennel. A vibe of wasabi. Oily leathers. Big white to golden spice-rack up front ahead of a peanut brittle, caramel popcorn sweetness. White pepper, coarsely ground against the bones of our enemies women. Sorry, seemed in keeping. Buttery spiced cedar with a sweet tick 'a cardamom. Cream in dollops and in balance to and with spice array. Loads of light grains at the 2/3 and the sunlit earth, the 1/3 hint a' under-belly, rises with 'em. A bit of golden hay and pine nut. Himalayan salt roasts. 3/3 sees a pale fruit addition, a honey dew melon. Some tanginess hits earth. Leathers get a new suede work boot thingy. Retro-hale is a spicy meat-a-ball kindly up-side the head which lands on the palate in sweet oils, consistent from light to nub.

Refined and barely retrained ballsiness, gentlepersons. Well-rounded for the most part. Rich. Balance strays here and there, but never far from center. Brassy bits in slight doses.

k a p l O w i t z
Coats the mouth in creamery butter/leathery oils with a spiced tongue-tingle. Finish is -long legg'd with a sweet spice melange and cedar bracing. Salted lips and lesser-so, cheeks. Texture of smoke is smooth with an occasional fine-tooth grit. A tick to the dry-side of medium moisture level, but nada egregiously. 3/3 abrades the palate a bissell.

k a p L o w i t z
No schvitzing, tho I'm freezing in my carport -- my desk is being snowed on. Nothing in chest nor challah-basket. Slight swimming in the head, but nothing unsettling.

k a p L o w i t z
Cold: sweet dirt and creamy hay on a schnozzing along the shaft -- and it's all shaft -- as it's a closed foot. Cold draw after clipping the pig-tail is a buttery peanut brittle sensation in texture and taste, respectively. Some white spices. Creamy natural tobacco earthy room-note, sweetly so with a pale spice attachment.

Whilest I thank Jas Sum Kral for being a sponsor of lil ol' me, that in no way swayed the above review.
These babies are en route to retailers to meow!
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