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Monday, January 16, 2017

Jas Sum Kral Crna Nok - Cigar Review

Crna Nok
6 x 52 Toro closed-foot
w. Equadorian Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
b. Mexican/Peruvian double-binder
f. Nicaraguan
m. New Order of the Ages (NOA), Nicaragua
(Noel Rojas)

k a p l o W i t z
Heavy and thick. Luscious and toothy. Waxy. Dense. Oily. Greeezy. That there is the deeply dark top-leaf. But wait, there's more: some uneven complexion of higher-up reddish under-belly in ticks, but minimally. Seams are secure but well from tight most likely on account a' the thickness. Veiny, a zaftik one running nigh the shaft's length, crimping in spots and broad as heck in others. Triple cap is well-affixed tho mayhaps a tick short on shoulder - again, the thick and stiff broadleaf has innate troubles akin to a Mack truck deftly managing downtown traffic. Nothin' terrible, tho. Covered foot looks exceptionally waxy/oily in comparison to the rest of the Crna Nok.

k a p l o W i t z
Hefty as heck hand-feel. Smooth and even medium draw. As the oils heat and a greasy hand-feel starts, seams visibly tighten. Packs starts at a firm packing and stays thatta way till 3/3 when it dips to a medium. Seams and draw are unchanged on account of that. Shoulder wiggles down toward cap a tick. Smoke is cool from gate-to-wire.  

k a p l o w I t z
Gushes dense creamy white smoke from each end, quieting only a 1/4 tick off the resting foot. Burn sees a bit of curvature off lighting, but no re-touching is at all mandated and by mid 1/3 is self-correcting. Burns on a line from end of 1/3 on. Ash is toothy burnt offerings appearing as silver bits on a 90/10 salt/pepper canvas. Bit of an aerated sheathing but sans flake. Ash holds the length of each third and needs knocked off like mud-on-boots. Slowly and evenly paced, almost somberly so and in keeping with flavor profile, there. Wrapper/binder/filler burn in stride. Burn-line is a -medium thickness. 

k a p l ow i T z
Darkly death-by-chocolate and black pepper tandem up-front. Cumin and paprika spice it up. Cords of seasoned woods lay in the lower middlings over the meaty under-belly of compost manure barnyard. Red fruit syrups emerge in upper middlings over-top molasses, alfalfa honey, and espresso beans -- after black pepper front settles a tick toward 1/3's end. Core mid-middling then becomes an evolving dark as night tobacco with bread grain nuances. Pumpernickel. Cream. Leather happens in 2/3 first as a tick boot, then a club chair. Walnuts, roasted black, become prominent. Coming into the 1/2, beans get brewed into a lush espresso pull and invite in a new darkly toasted sweet then sweeter cream. In the 3/3, a buttery cedar note is added to end of draw which lasts through to finish. Spices and lesser-so pepper re-emerge after dialing back in 2/3.

Almost solemn in its darknesses. Rich -- no richer than that. Full-bodied with deep nuances and surprisingly subtle complexities. Three transitions right at each third. Balanced, yes. I could do another Jas Sum Kral right meow. Is this that pesky JSK virus I hear so much about? Not for the nascent smoker, would be my lone word a' caution.

k a p l o w i T z
Heckuva tongue and cheek tingle in 1/3 leads to a rich then richening(?) robust depth in 2/3's meaty cream chew. Zetz returns in 3/3. By the 1/2 palate is awash in thick syrupy oils then finally cream in 3/3. Heavy, weighty, dense, oy vey. Nigh high caloric. Moisture level starts dry end o' medium, and ends at damp end. Finish lasts from pull-to-pull and is a meaty bittersweetness. Hits full-bodied as the experience unfurls, and was never much less -- yet too ends ultimately clean. Never throaty. No palate abrasion nor fatigue, neither, which is significant because ya'd think there would be at these heights. Even when tastes err towards gruff, the mouth-feel is smooth.

k a p l o W i t z
Boozy sensation in chest and more-so in challah-basket. Not an unsettling head-swimmer. If Vodka is a blanket in a bottle, this Crna Nok is a blanket in a cigar band. I maybe even schvitzed a bissell on my 35 degree front porch.

k a p l o w I t z
Cold notes of a pungent manure sweetened with rich chocolate, balanced with a peppery zetz. Room-note is a gentleman's study in the corner of a barn. Heavily so, and lingering. Sweet and dark. Kinda sorta haunting, even.

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