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Flatbed Panacea Billboard San Andres - Cigar Review

Flatbed Cigar Co.
Panacea Billboard
6 1/2 x 52~ Toro
w. Mexican San Andrean
b. Dominican
f. Dominican and Nicaraguan
"Our NEW "Billboard" inspired label. Every-day, Any-time cigars. Earthy, raw, and natural. Blends that easily pair with just about everything. Try our new Connecticut Shade Fuerte, and/or our award winning San Andres. The perfect blends, the perfect sizes.

Our PANACEA San Andres. Strong, bold, and absolutely beautifully grown! In addition to it's wonderful taste, this leaf was grown with a lot of knowledge and TLC. We've been looking for a Mexican leaf for quite a while, but nothing was meeting our expectations. As you see in our blends, we like to use tobaccos from around the globe...and Mexico has been on our radar for some time. This wrapper is absolutely pristine. Uniform, consistent, resilient, and a pleasure to smoke! Nutty, almonds, coffee bean, and smooth hints of black pepper. The filler is from The Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. Binder is Cuban seed, Dominican."


  • S'more and dark fruit syrup cold pull
  • ...with peppery barnyard manure underbelly.
  • No intrusive veins. Even 'nuff complexion.
  • Cap is a tip(?) and expertly affixed.
  • Sweet red wine and S'mores notes.
  • Seasoned and peppery hardwoods (+ on retro-hale)
  • Compost underbelly w/ some manure goodness.
  • Cherry Coke and espresso in the middlings.
  • Seams tighten up at 2/3 onset*.
  • Ash holds to an easy inch of silver/heather sheath.
  • Blood orange and nutty notes.
  • Cinnamon and sugar are last of big mid transition.
  • Even 'nuff burn-line -- 1/2 tick ribbon'd hither and tither.
  • Body fleshes out in second-half, ends medium+ (mo' 'mallow)**.
  • Slightest of nifty tongue-tingle. 
  • Perfect moisture-level in smoke-hole.
  • Strength rises comfortably at each 1/3. Ends medium+.
  • Ever-increasing smoke out-put, dense creamy white.
  • Sweet lingering woodsy tobacco room-note.
  • Excellent transitions, complexities, nuances.
  • Smooth and even medium+ tension/satiation throughout.
  • Overall combustion (superb pacing) and construction each excel. 
  • Finish is a sweet toastiness on medium legs which ends in clean citrus.
  • Solid yet tick softer nub, cool to ye olde end.

  • Seams are a tick uneven*.
  • Not as robust a sheen as I'd like on a San Andres.
  • Tick of a hard-spot at band.
  • Bit of an uneven packing at foot.
  • Twice and slight crack in ash 
  • A bit lacking in body**.
  • Slight eye irritant on 3/3 draw smoke.
  • Half-tick of a fragile hand-feel in 3/3.

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