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18 Sabbaths - Jas Sum Kral Red Knight - 7th Sabbath

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Jas Sum Kral Red Knight
5 x 50 Robusto
Closed-foot, Pig-tailed
w. Ecuadorian Habano
b. Mexican San Andres & Jalapa Seco
f. Undisclosed

Check out my initial write-up and talkie re: this JSK offering HERE.
This is Serie II of my 18 Sabbaths project. Please read all about it HERE.

  • Regally rustic over-all appearance.
  • Minimal veins. Good dose a' tooth.
  • Seams hold well gate-to-wire. 
  • Smooth medium tension'd even draw.
  • No hard/soft spots in medium+ pack.
  • Burnt offering reach a pale complected easy inch.
  • Thin burn-line.
  • Clearly delineated and full flavors.
  • Verily nuanced.
  • Richly full-bodied and cleanly so at end.
  • Bittersweet and long legg'd finish with complexities.
  • Room-note is pungent yet kind.
  • Zilch acidic or sour (per se) nor bitey tendencies.
  • Nicely umami.
  • Smooth textured delivery of weighty heighty profile.


  • Some light flaking of ash.
  • Burn-line has a slight ribbon.
  • Transitions with a bit of a jerk. 
  • A tick outta balance with strength and backbone lurching.
  • Draw complexities could be more-so.
  • A lightweight (me) might feel uncomfortably drunk come 3/3.

While posted on the Sabbath, this is an automatically generated thing, gentlepersons. These are not written during the Sabbath, but typically on a Friday noon-ish. Shabbot shalom and Gut Shabbos -- and to the goyim: hey, have a heckuva Saturday!
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