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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Nomad SA-17 - Cigar Review

Nomad SA-17
6 x 50 Toro
w. San Andres
b./f. Nicaraguan
m. Tabacalera AJ Fernandez, Nicaragua
k a p l o W i t z
Packed firm with a war club hand-feel. Once clipped, the cap/shoulder doth loosen its density, then re-firm once lit. Odd, that. Just thought I'd mention it. Cold-pulls are same notes as the soon to be penned initial hotties; as is the draw ditto in each hot & cold tugs -- a medium+. Perfect tension, or at least for me. Packing softens at 'bout an inch in, all on down the shaft evenly. Ne'er a hard/soft spot. Seams stay tight. Draw smooth. Toothy but not overly. Some notable-sized veins run vertical throughout. At the end, nub keeps its form softly, and delivers cool smoke.

k a p l o W i t z
Ash builds in a heather grey dense bit 'a wide, but firmly even ladder-rungs. No flakes. There is a purplish-brown hue to it on a single side thru the 1/3 only. Plenty of top-leaf tooth is visible in them burnt offerings. Burn pace seems average, but excitedly so. Quickens in the 2/3, slows in 3/3. Burn-line is even lo not a razor; thickness of line humsover, is. Never approaches needing a re-touch. At the start of 2/3, ash dumps to concrete porch and doesn't flake there. I take a pull into my Dollar Store hand mirror and find an even inferno of filler/binder/wrapper -- mayhaps a tick aerated. Immense smoky-smoke off each end. A pipe tobacco coffee/bittersweet/cocoa room-note, powerful but kind, some fruity floral bits there.

k a p l o w i T z
Begins as two profiles strung together by a bold red/black pepper front with sweet dark grain backing. A stride behind is a S'more sensation of graham, marshmallows and chocolate -- in case ya lost the recipe. That other profile orbits round a mesquite/coffee bean marrying of notes highlighting a dark natural tobacco. Syrupy purple fruits dripped into compost, is the shared under-belly. At the end of 1/3, an Avocado Honey gets poured into the gap twixt profiles. A dark-colored, rich and buttery honey. Some dark tropical floral notes. Tobacco roasts and toasts -- seems at all times more touched by woodsy (hickory adds to mesquite) and coffee bean (first ground, then brewed) notes. Chocolate soars in a semisweet manner. Cedar flies in. A toasted sweet cream mounts and fleshes out the twixtal region. Eventually, it all bleeds together but too, holds a bit. Sweet spices with an Asian lilt. Beefy Worcestershire sauce. Brown sugar. Flooding flavors, epis! Full on espresso, rich and sweet sans crema. Cumin jockeys with cinnamon for the spice rack lead meow a tick past the 1/2. Anise. My twixt runneth over, gentlepersons! 

k a p l o w i T z
Creamy and smooth, yet with a nice tobacco tingle joined in the second half by a sweet spice. Body rises to cushion rising strength at 1/2 and then 3/3. Mouth-feel is that tingle on a perfect-o moisture level. Long legs of a sweetbitter varietal. Ends cleanly.

k a p l o w I t z
Laid-back excitement. Stength is there and then there more-so, but delivered in tandem with that matching body. Methinks perchance the body leads. A sturdy stage for a powerful cast to play on. Laid back excitement? The thrill of it all sans unsettling nicotine. Backbone like a T-Rex... I assume they had backbones. I ain't a Dinosaurologist. Riding along with a Blue Angel who has done this loop de loop a thousand times before.

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