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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nomad Martial Law - Cigar Review

Nomad Martial Law
6 x 50 Toro
w. Habano
b. Jalapa
f. Nicaraguan (Jalapa, Condega, Esteli, and Ometepe)
m. Nicaraguan, Fabrica Oveja Negra
Chocolate yeasty black bread nigh cake with a molasses lilt and dense composted earth cold pull; gets some hickory added to it whenst lit. A zetz of black pepper on sweet spiced under-belly all its own, appears up-front. Carrying the whole profile, seems to be that compost with a pipe tobacco attachmentation. Fairly veiny shaft, all narrowly so. A couple spots of looser seams than others. Nice rich and even complexion. Even medium+ barely density of pack with lively spring-back and zero soft/hard spots. Sweetness gets a more pronounced fruity sensation, syrupy. Draw is an even medium+ barely tension. Finish builds into a sweet spiciness of growing legs. We'll call them medium+ length'd for now.

Ash builds in an un-neat sheath of silver/grey. Looks quite dense, some jagged dryness surrounding oily center. Room-note presents that pipe tobacco bit, sweetly. Verily smoky-smoke from off each end. Body builds quickly to a robust medium+. Flavors, at an inch in, have shown some new buttery cedar, a deepening chocolate, peppers slowly climb in a roasty comfy manner. The grain of the black bread toasts and sweetens, something of a malt note joins that to the deepening chocolate. Flavors are a flavorful medium+ but are of a somewhat limited menu. A buckwheat honey note over-takes molasses... buckwheat honey -- think of what makes sweet BBQ sauce and heavy breads sweet. A fresh few dollops of a thick cream hits as the opening act comes to a close. Body is a -full.

Burn-line chars on a slight curve with razor-thin line. Ash cracks a bit. Packing has softened noticeably an inch or so down the barrel, but seams hold and burn pacing stays calm. Mouth-feel is a swell moisture level. Verily a silky textured smoke. Draw stays even. Nice. I am surprised at the calmness of it all.

Breadier, a yeasty doughy monkey bread. Chocolate honey malt. Pipe tobacco. Pepper dials back. Compost raises and some smoked meat and beefy leather notes assist. I taste blueberries and man oh, Manischewitz -- I'd pair the heck outta this with some a' 'dat Blueberry kosher wine, gentlepersons. Cream toasts softly a la creme brulee. Hickory. Really one of the smoothest delivered fuller profiles I can recall, this Martial Law. Pipe tobacco takes a turn toward a richly deep natural varietal. I'm beginning to see a pineapple upside-down cake. Mom's dessert contribution to every pot-luck ever. She had a microwave recipe...

Burn-line loses its curvature but remains a tick ribboned in a single spot. Combustion is impeccably even twixt wrapper/binder/filler. Shaft around the char is cool as Cab Calloway and less frenetic. That's pretty darned cool, gentlepersons. Makes for a nigh serene smoke with which to contemplate yer navel. Smoke pours thick and white as a shiksa. Yet remains nonirritating to my sensitive and intelligent green eyes. Like Buttah, epis! As the final act looms nigh, shaft firms up (ain't cigar talk dirty?) and burn wobbles a bit -- no re-ouch foreseeable. Ash flakes a tick mo'. Smoke cools even mo'. Profile balances even more. I feel lulled, but not to sleep. Mellow'd.

Smoother?! Mayhaps a greater look at that there natural tobacco, as it softly tingle my tongue. Burn slows further and its line wobbles a tick and a half... a full tick... drats, a re-touch. All good and readily accepted. Pack softens some. Flavor profile blends a bit around its new tobacco core. A rush of dark fruit syrup at the band. Still more body than brawn, but it lends to the mellow, and that ain't to say it's a weakling by a long-shot. Strength does up-tick here in the 3/3.

Temp of smoke stays cool with a bit more tingle in the smoke-hole via sweet spices. Nub softens and shoulder loosens a bissell. Seams hold fast as ever as doth draw. Leather rises softly with the aid of a light colored fleshy nigh pasty nuttiness. Rather complex, for its mellow deliver, for its high notes. Transition? Yes, on a creamy cloud, always. Verily a smokeable blend, this Martial Law from Nomad. Room-note and immediate draw tickle some hibiscus oil essence.

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