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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Alec Bradley Prensado - Cigar Review

I have heard good things.
I am late to the game.

Alec Bradley Prensado
5 x 50 Robusto Box-press
w. Honduran 'Trojes' Corojo
b. Nicaraguan
f. Honduran, Nicaraguan
Almost too pretty to smoke, this Prensado. Espresso hue'd with a chocolate goo under-belly. Over-top is a neat-o hand-feel of a healthy sheen -- as opposed to a Charlie Sheen, natch. Gentlepersons, thanks again for Kaplowitzing to-day here at yer home on the web for this sort of thing. Seams are tight nigh invisible and veins quite minimal. Box press isn't ironed-starched, but sorta more than sharply rounded. Firm and even packing on the Charmin squeeze test. Cap is well crafted and affixed. Foot tobacco is a brunette with a couple ticks of strawberry blonde, and echoes the density of hand-feel. 

Verily a chocolate schnoz along the shaft. Leathery tobacco at the foot, sans the zetz of spice I was assuming. A bit dusty/earthy. Fusty. Cold pull is a medium tension'd affair of fruity chocolate with spiced leather high-up under-belly. Cold finish is chocolate sweetened fruitiness and quite long. There's a dark bit therein -- an earthy toasted vibing, sweetly spiced. Salted wood is on my lips. Cigar talk sure sounds dirty sometimes, gentlepersons. 

Wants to toast a tick unevenly, but we come to agreeable terms, it and I. Black pepper and a spice-seasoned hardwood are up-front on the first hot tug. A chocolate note comes up as they settle down. Some fruity bits, red-purple, starts the finish. Finish is long already. Second hottie is a retro-hale of surprising lack of spice and highlights a verily Honduran earthy grit. Wood is left in my nose-holes. Drops to palate in a dark chocolate lead followed by sweet red pepper. Caramelized sugar on into finish. Third hottie has all-aboard and a slight sharpening or delineating of fruity bits. 

Burn-line is a tick wobbled but looks to be self-correcting. Ash is a rather dark-grey loose sheath. Pack softened half a tick on lighting 'bout a half-inch down from char. Draw is a medium+ tension and full-on satiating. Nice smoke off each end. Leathery earth darky sweet room-note.
Profile is toasting nicely. Woods come forefront and display as a hickory/mesquite melange. Campfire. Black bread. Fruits seem hiding in vibes. Chocolate gets cakey but dense, though just shy of brownie. Leather firms up underneath. Slightly candied almonds, roasted. Earth is a camp site. Under a tree with lush unworked soils. Natural composting. Soils envelope woods and create an inherently sweet core. Espresso beans flit in. Black bread flexes, chocolate dials back a tick. Smoky influence grows particularly in an interesting caramelized sugar. Medium + profile in terms of flavors and body on a smooth toasted creamy texture. Strength is a medium, but not at all wholly of nicotine influence. Hearty.

Ash is loose and cracked but holds to a darkened inch. Burn needs a bit of a re-touch. Pacing seems quick-side of average. Finish is of long and bittersweet complexities. Press holds nicely, packing doth as well. Re-touch is well accepted and ash is a firmer and paler sheath on a neat 'nuff line of -medium thickness. Smoke out-put off each end grows to billows and the air around me sweetens heavily. Drenching. This Alec Bradley offering is drenching. 

Black cherry infiltrates the woodsy earthen core. Black pepper muscles up on the immediate retro-hale in a smoked smooth manner. Espresso is syrupy rich and lifts the dark chocolate bits lushly so. Red spices, sweetly. Finish goes and goes and goes complexly. Burn-line strays into a hair of a blister, but catches itself. Corners round somewhat. Draw stays smooth and smoke-hole is, yes, lushly drenched in sweetnesses with a roasted salt attachment and wooden spine.

Profile ticks up all-'round. -full body and flavors, medium+ strength is a muscular yet not unsettling delivery. More nicotine, but gentlemanly, gentlepersons. Packing re-firms as the corners round more. Seams hold verily and line approaches dead-even'd. As the third and final act looms, a Tawny Port note flows in. Pretty. Robust. Buxom. Voluptuous. Ooh-la-lah. A shikse, epis! I like a woman with a decent set of haunches... especially with cooler autumn weathers coming on.

Ash is now more of a tight ladder-rung and medium grey on a lighter medium grey. I'm particular yet vague. Part of my charm, yes? Loads of black bread. Some herbs. Espresso. Chocolate. Black pepper. Caramelized sugar and a new molasses. Still a heady earthiness. Woods bulge in that core, all mesquite-y and hickory-y. Pace slows, plods sweet earthly nuanced along. Dark but entertaining. Smokeable gallows humor? Yes, please. Tannic. All notes become nuanced and nuances of the core. Heavy cream textured. Never throaty and a marvelously dense mouth-feel. Finish don't quit and tapers only slightly, but ever-cleanly, betixt my greedy pulls. Wonderfully meditative and consuming, really. 

Sophia Loren in Too Bad She's Bad... and that, gentlepersons, is quite good. Smoke stays cool to the well-structured nub. Full profile finish and I don't want this Prensado to end. Buttery now and oy vey, a delightful sweet red spice tingle lays on my chocolate coated tongue and shows me the door. I wonder if this cigar will think of me for as long as I shall think of it...
Blackberry Manischewitz