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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Macanudo Inspirado Orange - Cigar Review


A previous sampling of this Macanudo offering was smoked on THIS Cigars City Podcast.

Inspirado Orange
7 x 50 Churchill
W. Honduran Rosada
B. Honduran Jamastran
F. Dominican Republican Piloto Cubano, Honduran, and Nicaraguan.

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Lettuce address the cigar. "Hell-ooo, Cigar!" 
First noticed is a very pale water spot bit of top-leaf at nigh cap. Beyond that blemish all is even complected in a chocolate-y varietal. Under-hue is Sunny Delight and the orange band singed into my retinas. Minimal veins and  fair dose of spider-web veins along-with. Seams are tight and even. Cap is well-affixed and spinning around to the foot, a mono-chromatic auburn is there and packed to a medium+ density. 

Sweetly spiced cocoa is the schnoz of the shaft. At the foot, a peppered nuttiness is added in. Hand-feel is a medium+ density with a lively spring-back to the slight give. Evenly packed sans soft/hard spots. Great balance and heft. Smooth oily mitt. Some lumps along the shaft.

Cold draw is a fruit (apricot?) nutty (pecan?) chocolate with a thin malt attachment. Red and sweet spices. Sweet tea, a tick on the cold finish. Citrus. Earth, golden.

An aroma of chestnuts roasting over an open hardwood fire or something like that vision happens as I toast the foot. toasts and lights a bit slow off a denser than eye-balled packing. First hot pull is white pepper and coffee with cream as the primary, with a high up middling of cocoa then spice rack. Under-belly is a woodsy earth. Texture is smooth and creamy. Second hottie is a retro-hale which steps up the white pepper and drops a richening cocoa to my palate. All other notes hold. Third tug is a thin musk addition with a citrus under it.

Draw tension is a quite firm side of medium+, but both satiating and loosening. Burn is even 'nuff off a medium thick char-line. Some softening happened off lighting, but already seems correcting. Smoke out-put is shy of full, but robust nonetheless. Room note is a leathery sweet earth with a wood spine. Profile at this stage is a comfy classic medium.
Bread and leather notes enter in. A peach vibe. Bread is a Hawaiian one on the immediate draw and again at finish. Finish has nice sweet legs with a fruity lilt on a leathery oil mouth-feel. Smoke is creamy without being overly weighty. Burn doth ribbon some. Ash is pale grey with both heather grey marbling and silver ticks. Light flaking on a sheath/ tight ladder-rung split. 

Apricots and peaches and cream. Some citrus pith. A growing mild fusky bit which is substantially muted as compared to the previous of these Inspirado Orange I done smoked. Nicely balanced. Rich without being sickly and muffling nuances. Complexities are mounting via fruits playing with earth/wood/fusky bits. Chocolate weaves throughout these twirlings. Cedar comes on in a separate realm all its own... sweetly so. White grapes in one pull and then a dry white wine in the next -- straight to the middlings.

Ribbon-y line smooths a couple ticks. Ash grows its entire opening act and I roll it off... it don't wanna at first. Smoke out-put grows to white voluptuousness. Draw tension is a medium resistance now. Cedar has hit primary status and has crisply braced the boundaries of notes. A cleansing tangy citrus note flows in rather heavily. Tea muscles. Sheath is a tight ladder rung with less flakiness than a John Wayne WWII flick. Floral nectar. Light honey. Graham. Neat-O. Salt. Malt hits notes of floral, bread, and chocolate. I taste strawberry. 

Shaft oils up and so do my cheeks. Burn wobbles a tick and I re-touch. Packing has softened a couple ticks. Combustion is not fantastic, per se. Mulling spice is now. Construction is nice other than softening... tight seams, even draw. Body seems to be dialing back as is finish's leginess. Chocolate rises. Fusky is dissipating some and allowing the nice maltiness to be center-stage. 

Musky, fusty meet with tangy and end in a lighter malt. Sheesh. Burn re-wobbles. Packing is nigh spongy. Ash darkens. Some mottling of notes to the extent of hidden. Sorta dampened. Toastiness is attempting to stave this off -- but wine is splitsville. As is some fruit. Cedar stays on but loses some bracing abilities. Strawberry remains. Pith and apricots gone. Honey and floral are done. Retro-hale adds a tick more of white pepper, but too a mineral quality. Shoulder comes loose. Texture remains smooth oily creaminess.

More smoke. Toastiness is enforcing well 'nuff, but flavors which fell off aren't coming back. No bite, and that's good. Earth is moistening moistening and steering profile. Leather comes up. Very soft nub which delivers cool smoke. Floral notes show me the cedar door. And I might need another re-touch before a toothpick.
Loganberry Manischewitz -- but not more than maybe.

100 mins


Went to a ballgame last night. Left at the seventh inning stretch with a foam finger and fancy promotional baseball, on account a' coming with my six year-old. GO EMS!!! They looked good. I must say gentlepersons, I did as well.