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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Weekly Horse Racing Review for 6.2.16 - 5 Vegas High Primings

LOOKIT ME! I'm in my sweatpants and about to do another 5 Vegas, I reviewed the Classic earlier today. On second thought, please to avert yer eyes, gentlepersons. I don't wear these for their looks.

5 Vegas High Primings
Corona 5 1/2 x 44
w. Nicaraguan Habano
b. Nigaraguan
f. Cuban-seed Nicaraguan & Dominican

Can of Diet Pepsi (12oz.)
Lumpy and rustically inclined... workman-like aesthetics. I'm speaking of this High Primings offering, not Nyquist. Still re: 5 Vegas. A lead-in zetz of cinnamon candy and some black pepper. Coffee, wood shavings, and an almost odd fruity candy.

With pony accompanimentation, the prior-to-Preakness undefeated Triple Crown bidder, was on-track yesterday morning for the first time since losing the Preakness. I taste flowers and vanilla. Nyquist put one lap around the main Pimlico track in the books, and Jack Sisterson, his trainer's assistant -- seemed pleased.

Since exiting the Triple Crown scene on account of fever and elevated white blood cell counts after his last time out, the champion two year-old has been limited to walks. Sisterson said. “We're very happy and optimistic moving forward with Nyquist.” What moving forward doth do entail, is unknown at this point. He is, of course, not appearing in the final jewel of Belmont; but a re-match with Exaggerator does sound fun down the road.

Brown sugar and truck-stop coffee come into the medium+ profile of this 5 Vegas. Its strength is low, and combustion/construction very nice. Ash is marbled on in loose ladder-rungs of pale to medium grey off an even line. Draw is a sip, not a slurp -- but cool and smooth. Red spices and pepper dials up, particularly on the mouth-feel. The immediate zetz has not again been achieved, and is in fact falling down a noticeable tick.
What's a (p)review doing in a review? I'll tells ya: it's my blog and I'll (p) if I wanna, (p) if I want to. That's what. & thanks for reading, gentlepersons. Burn pacing is calm-to-slow. Red spices and peppers all have a candy vibe attachment that becomes, too, floral tinged. Some leather comes in just past the inch. Burn-line ribbons some, not egregiously so. Very little foot-smoke and a slight yet sharp room-note... sweetened leather? Ash drops and is hot to the touch as I transport it to my $0.99 Walmart tray and whisk the remains away via a well-practiced schmatta.

Beholder, Stella Wind, and Finest City all vie to impress at Santa Anita this weekend... I'm sorry -- I kinda feel like I'm smoking a pencil. Draw restricts a few notches and I pull carefully with a toothache. Thus far, the High Primings offering has been vastly mouth-tingle. Beholder is looking to win her second start of her 2016 go. Coming outta the two-hole here, she won't be beat. I really need to build up more, prior to making these potentially insane declarations. Oh, well.

On the rail and un-ideally so, is Stellar Wind, making the first bid of her four year-old campaign. It'll get easier for SW after this performance, and I do think she'll finish in the moolah here. She simply needs to work back from a nice-sized layoff. Finest City looks nice, but this is a tough spot to go two turns for the first time. Not a lot of Plan B betting opportunities here, and of the three top gals -- two have glaring happenstance impediments.

Hold off betting, have fun beholding Beholder.

It's all Red Hots here in this Vegas 5 High Primings. I'm back in grade school openly cuffing candy from the midget who owned Melody Haven. I was such a rascal! I should consider making amends. My tooth hurts.
Combustion and construction are groovy. Some green wood comes into the under-belly to join the only other perceptible flavor note aside from Red Hots -- dirt. Medium+ profile. Medium strength. I roll a second inch of solid ash off. I'm tasting a box of LemonHead tick. Maybe I could mail the midget a check? Strength gets a +. I roll the stick in my meat-hook, trying to loosen the pulling, and crack some top-leaf. Whoopsie. Out-put doth build, humsoever.

We're all familiar with Lani's shenanigans, gentlepersons. Too, he is popular. Each generation gets the horse it deserves. Since coming to America via Japan, he's been quirky as all get-out -- and mainly unsuccessful. We like quirk, though. Especially if it's weakness. It backdoors into "special." Like the gluten free matzo eater at my community Seder whom sat next to me because her first seating suffered "poor air quality" and was hampering her breathing. She then hampered mine by farting through the meal. Loudly. She also needed to shave her legs, but in fairness -- I need to shave my face. She was wearing neither shoes nor socks.

Nevertheless, word is, as alludes the above headline, Lani is seemingly mellowing. “He has been behaving professionally,” said Keita Tanaka, agent for owner Koji Maeda. "Feh!" Said Kaplowitz, blogger at

Kap went on to say he'd eat his thermal long-johns if Lani finishes in Belmont's money. Nothing much more to report here with this High Primings offering. Tingle is less, I suppose. Black coffee comes in and out. Finish has a slight baker's chocolate to it and is of medium legs. Burn wavers at some crackling in the wrapper and I think I'll smoke it down then come back to edit this.

Gentlepersons, thanks for reading and remember: Don't bet the dough dough!

(K=least; Z=most)
Appearance L
Construction O
Combustion W
Flavors/Body O
Strength W