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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Jenneff Maduro Torpedo - First Impression

This is not a full review. It is a medium+ review. Typically, my complete write-up reviews are full+, however. So it might very well be fair to refer to this review as -full. Dependant upon, of course, how it hits yer palate.

The long and short if it all is that a full+ review will be written in short+ order. Herein, however, is simply my First Impression, of this Jenneff Maduro Torpedo. Hence the title: Jenneff Maduro Torpedo - First Impression. I think we're all on the same page now, gentlepersons. As a professor once said, 
"It is my job to cover the curriculum. It is not my concern if I cover you with it."

Jenneff Cigars
Maduro Torpedo
6 1/2 x 52
San Andres wrapper
Dominican Olor binder
Dominican Olor & Criollo fillers

Letter grades are graded on a scale of K A P L O W I T Z
K being the least, Z the greatest.

Appearance W
Construction W
Combustion O
Flavors/body L
Strength K

Light-weighted hand-feel for its format. 
Very toothy wrapper.
Two and almost three ridged veins running entire shaft. 
Fast light and burn.
Warm pepper notes.
Woodsy cocoa notes.
Some full city beans brewed weakly.
Split ash. Precarious burn.
Ripe sweetness sets in. Dries.
Raisins white and red
Cream hits cocoa. Chocolate
Earth backing.
Burn slows a tick.
Body lags behind flavor.
Sharp kitchen spice retro-hale w/pepper mix
Flavors at time fight one another.
Ash grows to inch.
Creamy cedar tries, bites a bit.
Appearance I
Construction W
Combustion O
Flavors/body O
Strength A

Some citrus vibe on near bite note.
Burn crackles on pull.
Pack loosens.
Coffee subdues.
Chocolate thins.
Earth backing having trouble carrying.
Raisins rising. Mainly white.
Pepper subdues.
Dry tangy palate.
Grain vibe.
Burn slows a tick.
Smoky less.
8:30am - 9:05am
Appearance I
Construction I
Combustion I
Flavors/body L
Strength P

Sweet almond vibe
Sour note on white raisins
Cedar sharpens.
Cream downs a tick
Burn is quite nice.
Thin leather oils.
Dry palate and mouth-feel.
Ash pales.
Nice chew.
Bitey at times.
Aggressively clean finish.
Nutty room-note.
Leather lends to stronger earth backing.

Thanks for taking time to read my schtick on what I am certain is a full Super Bowl Sunday. I hope your team wins, and I hope you have a nice cigar at the ready. Go Islanders! Hit a Home Run!


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