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Nomad Cigar Co. Therapy Habano - Cigar Review

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That said, let's address the cigar.
"Hell-ooo, cigar!"
Nomad Cigar Co.
Therapy Habano
Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper
Nicaraguan Habano Jalapa binder
Nicaraguan & Dominican fillers
Chubby Rothschild/Short-Petite Robusto/Smallerthanbreadbox
4 1/2 x 50 

Compliments of 
Nomad Cigar Co.
Very nice and even caramel with rosy highlights complected offering. There are a couple of darker spots, but they lie nicely withing the overall hue. Slick handed with a whisper of tooth. Very tight seams and minimal veins, well-crafted cap. Pretty thing, this. The foot offers a ginger/orange peek of tobacco which is packed with a medium+ density.

A moment on the band this Therapy label of three brethren wears. Each blend is differentiated only by a color on a plain almost brown paper bag material. I like it. You know why? It took me a while to figure out -- I am a fan of well-done offerings no matter the context or genre. That includes this homespun schlock boutique visualising. Plus, I like that Mr. Rewey's Twitter handle is there. It's a bit of entrepreneurialism on par with Amazon incorporating .com into its name. The band reminds me of the paper sack you'd take an artisan french bread home in from a countryside Parisian bakery.

Back to the Therapy Habano: That medium+ density hint is further given credence upon a squeezing. No soft/hard spots -- perfectly even with a mere hint of give, given.

Nose time: Rich but not abysmally heavy tobacco with notes of sweet spices and a nutmeg spotlight with cinnamon understudy. Light cocoa and creamed java. Moving from shaft to foot, I get a nice dose of cedar and a sharp leather. On a cold pull which offers medium+ resistance, I get shown a good amount of creamy cocoa and sweet spices again led by nutmeg and cinnamon, but cinnamon closes the gap some. Some sharp seasoned cedar. Leather backing.

Should be a good 'un, gentlepersons.

Toasting the foot lets loose a very nice cedar and leather. So nice, I toasted it a tad longer than normal. First hot pull is a mouthful of gingerbread with a marshmallow cream behind it. Second hot one is retro-haled and is, indeed, a hot one. Red peppers then black assault my sinuses, but I ain't complainin'. Third hot one is predominately a ginger snap affair. Nice creamy mouth-feel and notes of seasoned cedar, cocoa with cream, nutmeg. The finish is of medium+ length and is an extension of the draw which shows a sweet (creamy cocoa, ginger snap, sweet spices) and spicy (red pepper, roasted cinnamon, sharp cedar) balance with a leather backing. Room-note is sharply clean leather with a hint of citrus in its smooth texture. At the end of the lengthening finish, I should note, is a very pleasantly sweet cocoa with a touch of non-acidic citrus.

Burn-line is razor-thin and almost dead even. Ash is pale grey with near-charcoal low-lights and piles on thickly solid. Perhaps solidly thick. Who's to say? Draw is a tad to the + of medium, but gets your smoke-hole plenty of smoke.
The peppers subdue a bit now and a citrus comes on. Cream responds nicely and begins toward a creme brulee. Leather carries it all nicely and the cocoa is actually quite interesting as it takes on a malt vibe. Finish is medium+ and consists of that chocolate malt with some white peppers and a softer cedar that feels more alive than seasoned. A hint of red clay is there. Medium profile thus far into it.

There's a definite vibe of ginger snaps left a touch too long in a wood oven, but great for holding up well to a dip in hot cocoa. The stick warms and feels to come alive. The red pepper comes on a bit again in a more roasted fashion. Red clay hardens under the heat. Did someone bake the cookies in a kiln? Outrageous!

I completely impressed and slightly buzzed, thank ya. Strength ticks up to a medium+ and I expect more on the horizon. I am ever so glad, as a lightweight, that I started this affair post chicken noodle soup. Actually, the whole profile pushes ahead to medium+ as the body takes on a heavier creme brulee feel. Very dessert in an autumn wood cabin. I ain't raking the leaves. They're charming, will only return, make good mulch, and my back hurts.

Construction holds pretty as a peach and ash is rolled off at an inch, a densely packed and tastefully greezy inch.

The plot thickens. No, that's the smoke. Puffs of zaftig whiteness -- like I like my women. White to black peppers on the retro-hale are a bit ouchy but ultimately kind in their cleansing of the sweet draw notes which remain unchanged but roast further to the point of a being chewy. Marshmallow ramps up and is sprinkled with nutmeg like one of them fancy coffees I can't afford. Ah, coffee -- there's a chocolate liqueur in it now, but not syrupy. Leather is aging into a mature armchair in a heavily paneled study.

The draw heads over toward firm, but presents no problems and I feel as though I'm easily sipping from a heavy mug. All nods to construction other than that, hold. A great chew is developing and there's a nice salted butter on my full and sensuous lips.

The burn-line thickens a tad now and goes only minimally astray. Profile now tickles at full and no thanks, I'll sit. Did someone yell fire? Bring me a bucket of water and leave me alone with it. I pull my hat over my eyes. The warmth is nice.

Cumin sidles up in small doses. Chocolate deepens to dark yet stays sweet. These flavors both hold to a lengthening finish where baker's spices mingle. Leathery draw with toasted cedar notes. Creme brulee mouth-feel gets torched a bit more and caramel peeks through more clearly. Ash darkens and thickens and dampens with more oils. Burn and burn-line go back to even and razor, respectively.

It's official: I'm a fan of Therapy. With the Maduro I hear spoken of so fondly still patiently waiting in the wings.

Very dark chocolate foot-smoke. Saltiness subdues but it was never aggressive. Speaking of aggressive, this is a very kind -full profile. I feel it warm in my chest like a shot of top shelf sippin' Bourbon. It's all so cozy, I feel cuddly even out here on my cement porch on a chilly day.

It's wrapping up now, so imma shut up now. See you gentlepersons in a little while.
A very good stick which I highly recommend. I feel as though I've been wordy enough. And thensome.

Anything warm and creamy in a big heavy mug. Irish Coffee. Warmed brandy. A cuddle buddy.


I'm seriously not raking my yard. You cannot make me, gentlepersons.