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Friday, October 16, 2015

Camacho Connecticut - Cigar Review

This was set to be either a celebration or consolation offering. Since my b'lov'd Mets won, no matter how hard they tried not to -- welcome to my write-up of a celebratory Camacho Connecticut, gentlepersons.

Huzzah, hurray, et cetera, etc.

The Cigar:
Camacho Connecticut
Connecticut (Ecuador) wrapper
Generoso, Aleman Ligero fillers
5 x 50 Robusto
The first thing I notice is the way it feels in my hand, because I seldom heft a stogie with my nose. The feel is of suede. A thick peach fuzz. The best feel since that ergonomic San Lotano Oval some time back. The packing is even and slightly toward the soft side of medium. A look at the foot shows a somewhat less than dense gathering. Nice rich coloring, reddish tinted tobacco with blond highlights.

A sniff at that foot is fall spices and a mellow yet rich tobacco. The wrapper smells of clean leather and fresh cedar with an almost floral note of hay and light grassiness.

Very neat seams and only slight veins. a coffee with creamer complexion and perhaps a hint or two of a greenish hue. A cold draw is coffee and cream and a faint fall spice. The draw itself is very easy. Another pull shows a trace of honey.

Lots of gingerbread off the foot on the toasting. This follows through to the first hot pull and is joined by a truly lovely mellow tobacco with inherent and clean citrus notes that have a light honey accompaniment. The second hot pull is retro-haled to show the addition of a pleasant pepper palate ranging from white to very kind black. The third pull is very gingerbread once more, with a graham cracker introduction. Finish is sweet spices with a ginger emphasis sprinkled on graham and cleansed with a citrus laden floral honey. Orange blossom.

A somewhat jagged burn with a wide burn-line, but nothing threatening. Ash is a very pale grey almost white with medium grey additions that are well that side of charcoal. Very dense but not oily.

Hot dang, gentlepersons.
Act I:
Something like a canola oil mouthfeel settles in and with that a lightly toasted macadamia notewhich lasts from draw to finish. The finish itself is there to the next pull but is very welcomed. Sweet, but not sickly and inherent to the bulk of the on-board flavors.

A very smoky affair which I have to wait to dissipate prior to re-addressing my keyboard. The room note is a mellow sweetness with traces of graham and that too pours freely from the foot. A light and floral honey is present, as well.

The tastes are, I dare say, of pumpkin spices which I shall call sweet spices for fear of being attacked by hoards of white girls in Uggs. Although that would be far from unwelcome -- there exists, too, a time and place for everything.

There is a crack in the ash that causes it to lilt toward one side, but remain intact and unchanged from my previous wordy description.

Medium across-the-board profile with an abundance of complexity. Right in my wheel-house, this. I roll the ash off at an inch and it is powdery but not without form. Not, again, oily, but densely well-packed. The stick burns cool and the jagged line has both evened some and narrowed much.

A draw a hair easier than middle-of-the-road, a cool and gentle burn, and mellow sweetness all allow for a cigar which wants to be smoked. The complexities are what hold your attention. A story-teller with an easy voice and commanding presence.

Act II:
The retro-hale is a real treat which enhances with a roasted white pepper and warm cedar, that also makes for a more complex finish. On the draw there is an ebb and flow of macadamia and always sweet spices led by ginger and a honey graham note throughout.

At the midway point, the citrus rears its head on occasion to come to a near white wine sourness, but too it is met with a light brown sugar backing that is a near molasses at times. The ash lightens in density a tad. The smoke continues its thick white ways and remains the type of affair I'd love to let linger indoors, but the wife would strongly feel otherwise. Wiminz. Can't live with them, ... I forget the rest of that old gem...

Suddenly, we mellow even more and the sourness leaves. The sweetness is unchanged. I feel a need to contemplate my navel. My porch seems quieter. My shoulders ease away from my ears. The finish is sweet cedar and creamy coffee with a bit of raw sugar and faint peanut oil.

Construction is unchanged, as is the profile. This cigar is as advertised, and you simply cannot ask for more.

The second act comes to a close in a way that is mellow but not to be confused with weakness. There is much ginger and graham and honey and coffee and now a more pronounced leather backing. Ash is a bit more oily. There is a nod toward a lightly roasted red pepper on my palate and in my throat, but quite nice and full of restrain. The foot smoke means a bit of business and I pull it away from my delicate and intelligent green eyes.

This is a solitary smoke and while soft, it too showcases now a straight tobacco which requires attention. I begin to feel as though I am taking too many a photograph and not enjoying the view -- so I'll hush up and see ya in

Act III:
That straight tobacco is of an inherent honey which is offset by an also inherently deep and equally crisp cedar. As deep as a medium profile allows. The finish has a heightened coffee and cream. A peanut oil mouthfeel is present and leaves the perfect moisture on my palate. The leather comes and goes and is brushed into a suede.

All notes of construction hold fast. Burn corrects throughout, although never reaches perfection, per se. The chew is divine. A grassy hay earthiness that exhibits an inherent sweetness ends the offering in a very lovely way.
Mellow, with oomph.

Now if only it still sported the circa 2013 label I much prefer to the 'new' re-branding. I still miss the cent sign. I still don't overly like the new bold radical band.

Not a thing is needed. Hence --

Final Grade: A+
(Even though my delicate and intelligent green eyes are now a bit red)

My Jewish friend Paddy Sheehan, knows a good thing when he smokes it. Here's to ya, pal. And here's to GO METS. My Brooklyn childhood is a 1984 Topps Darryl Strawberry card.