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Monday, September 28, 2015

RoMa Craft Tobac Aquitaine - Cigar Review


Today we have another fine offering from RoMa Craft Tobac. Again, I must convey to you my admiration for their products and their professionalism.

The Cigar:
RoMa Craft Tobac
CroMagnon Aquitaine
Ecuador Habano Ligero wrapper
Cameroon binder/Nicaraguan filler
Knuckle Dragger 4 x 52 Petite Robusto
Eyeing up this offering, I see a milk chocolate brown wrapper with tight seams. Cosmetically and structurally pleasing veins. Some toothiness which is shy of an aggressive amount. Rough but not gnarled feel. A firm and even packing. Nicely constructed cap. A few bits of stray tobacco from the foot.

To the nose there is perhaps the faintest of cut grass/wet hay and even fainter chocolate caramel notes. Very, very mute. Sniffing the foot, I get almost a nougat sensation. Perhaps the whipped chocolate stuff in the middle of a Three Musketeers bar -- the artisan baked confectioner pastry chef chocolatier version. Some sweet red spices are backing that up, but the more I sniff, the closer they do come to the foreground.

On the cold draw, there is a healthy enough nutmeg that I can bring it up to my sinuses, where a red pepper flake is added. The finish picks up a more candy vibe from the nose of the foot and puts me in mind of Red Hots. This is a more jovial sensation that was the Red Hots of this offering's cousin.

The same candy tastes different at the circus, than it does on a death march. I'd imagine. I've only ever been to the circus. We are speaking Cirque du Soliel, not Ringling, to be exact.

Another cold draw gives the smell/taste of orange blossom honey.

Nice easy light that smelled of peanuts off the toasting. Medium flavor/body. First hot draw is of peanuts and leather. What I like to call the baseball flavor (Leather mitt). There is a touch of caramel at the second hot draw, a retro-hale, so we have Crackerjacks, gentlepersons. Too, we  have a somewhat peppery affair which feels like a roasted white variety -- mainly, again, on the retro. A third hot pull is the same, with the introductory of a deep French roast coffee with cream and said cream's inherent sweetness. This balances well with the roasted white pepper. The sweetness leaves last, and leaves long -- almost to the next pull. Medium+ body. I'd say full- flavor, and medium strength.
Act I:
A mild cinnamon comes in on the draw here. All else early in the opening remains static.

The draw resistance is perfect. The burn has one small flaw, where a vein catches spark and trail blazes ahead. I'm assuming that will run its course and fall back. The ash is light grey mainly, with touches of charcoal. The packing has softened noticeably.

Now the red pepper flakes rear up on the retro-hale, but it's roasted warm and pleasantly. The caramel subdues or is simply overshadowed by this, but the sweetness of the cream holds its own and leads to a buttery mouthfeel. I believe the nougat/whipped chocolate lives herein.

The room note, if you will, is very warm and not at all confrontational, though it is voluminous. Foot smoke smells of good diner coffee with cream and sugar, some peanut-y notes.

The creamery butter expands to my lips with a touch of salt and is, well, quite lovely.

As we set to embark upon Act II, a hint of tinny mineral is seen on both the draw and the finish, but isn't unpleasant. However, the burn has yet to even on its own accord, and a flap of wrapper comes partially loose -- affecting cosmetics only.

Act II:
As the stick heats, the high notes of red pepper come down some. This allows all other on-board notes, and a caramel return, to shine. The ash holds fast and sure. Medium profile across-the-board. A lot of still pleasant foot smoke. The burn evens out some all on its lonesome.

Medium+ strength at the halfway mark. Too, a slight bittering of the coffee -- moving from diner to cafe. A full city roast. I roll the ash off at full length in a buttery clump. Honey returns now in a raw form -- with it comes a nice leathery undertone.

Act III:
Here in the final act, there is a mute dampening of sorts to all notes other than the red pepper flakes which stay dry and prevent a bogging down, Cumin rises on the finish, as does a sweet tobacco and a Nicaraguan chocolate, Very much in mind is a Mexican hot cocoa (Red spices and dry chocolate). Surrounded in smoke, I watch the Super Blood Moon. It is a lovely pairing. As is Vivaldi's Autumn. As is a spiced black tea.

A wonderful smoke -- I find myself mourning its approaching final curtain. It falls with a sweetness lingering on my lips and a very nice buzz in my skull, pleasant smoke all around me. All. Around. Me.
One of the better smokes I've had as of late. An excellent, excellent mouthfeel and perfect moisture level. Very Autumn -- sans the white chicks in Uggs ordering pumpkin-spiced... everything.

There are, as I say, communal and solitary smokes -- this is an offering which begs good, deep conversation.

All told, a must smoke, gentlepersons. One which ends full-on full-flavored, still with fine nuances owing I believe to a beautiful Ligero usage, that even a lightweight such as myself can find joy in.

Now please help me back into my chair. I believe I was sitting when I began. Really, though, it was very kind with its strength. No, I do not know where my chair is.

An astrological event. Say, a #SuperBloodMoon?

Spiced tea. Vivaldi. A dark roasted coffee, sweetened and with cream froth, through the first two acts. A Chai latte would be amazing throughout. As would a Cream Sherry or Tawny Port wine. A nice piece of chocolare--

I could go on, but I think I've finished tomorrow's shopping list.

Final Grade: A.
(+ that for a better burn/a true[r] transition.)
I'd love a larger vitola.

Seriously, gentlepersons -- grab yerselves on a' these. Thank me after. Or thank RoMA now.