Friday, December 22, 2023

Dunbarton T&T Cigars Mi Querida Black PapaSaka in Review

BRAND: Dunbarton T&T
BLEND: Mi Querida Black

WRAPPER: US Connecticut Broadleaf
BINDER: Mexican San Andres
FILLER: Nicaraguan, Honduran, Dominican

FORMAT: 5.63x48 "PapaSaka"
ORIGIN: Nicaragua

Anise & Oils | Ain't no Disco | The Beaneater

Anise & Oils would be a neat name for a hipster-ridden faux dive. Maybe an apothecary. I recently read an article about finding the perfect bottle of olive oil. It said, 'If you must go to a supermarket...' This led me to believe that maybe there are specialty oil shops. I bet they carry spices and seasonings, too. Anise & Oil might be one of those. It might also be an over-priced boutique toy store with nothing fun in it.

There's fun here. The oil is off of a leather club chair. The anise is off of a very pricey cup of joe. A mocha, actually. All quite earthen-forward in a silt mixed with manure manner. Pepper steers but does not dominate--spices keep it in-balance and act somewhat like an ampersand. Paprika, nutmeg. Savory. A trialing bit of hibiscus is loverly. This thing is a bit like a prime thoroughbred who gives kids rides on the side.

So, this re-telling of Ferdinand the Bull. It's nice. But it is a bull. Or a horse. Or a merchant. Whichevs, it keeps finding more mellow but never more bore. No boredom. Rich and sating. Well-balanced and handles like a dream. Or a thoroughbred. Not a bull. Cutesy shops don't move... I mean unless the lease is up. I know of one used bookstore that stays in business due to crowdfunding. This ain't a bookstore.

This ain't no disco.


A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79

::: very :::