Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Valacari Cigars Nobility in Review

BRAND: Valacari
BLEND: Nobility

WRAPPER: San Andres Maduro
BINDER: Nicaraguan
FILLER: Nicaraguan

FORMAT: Robusto
ORIGIN: Nicaragua
INTENSITY: Medium-full

Leather | Spice | Honey

Dense and focused. Indian spices and honey varietals (buckwheat & orange blossom). Works on the olfactory almost as much as the palate--and it works a lot on the palate. Very complex, nuanced, layered depths. Plentiful but not overwhelming. You can tease it apart and analyze it or sit back and contemplate your navel. Dark chocolate, umami-drenched compost, leathery-hidey swaddling.

The front end is quite subtle as compared to the somewhat showy finish. It smokes as if building to a crescendo, really. Deep-dark floral and ripe purple fruit notes. Cumin, chili peppers, and turmeric. Curry powder. I like smoking these spice notes because eating them would upset my tummy. This thing is a lot like dancing in the dark. The activity, not the song. I'm not a Springsteen fan.

Toasty-roasty vegetal bits. Most definitely a smoke that'll show you a lil something out of the ordinary.

Burns on the slightest of wobbles which I was made too languidly-lazy by the whole experience to care to correct. The ash is almost remarkably solid. I flick it to the deck floor and it thuds after stubbornly breaking off. The draw has a slight and kind, even resistance. Smoke out-put is enough of a blanket with which to tuck you in. Boozy smoky notes make it the perfect nightcap. 'Night, Kap.


A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79

::: very :::