Thursday, July 20, 2023

Vertigo by Lotus Spark Lighter in Cigar Accessory Review

Vertigo by Lotus Spark Lighter in Cigar Accessory Review

Single-action if you count first flipping up the hood as inaction, sure. Classic styling there with that hood/lid of famed rhymes with hippo likeness. Sometimes it doesn't flippo up all the way and the material doesn't melt when I accidentally kiss it with single-torch goodness. Feels small in my hand and a lot like it'd break if dropped. Not cheap, though, but fragile.

I am cheap and fragile. I have zero drops left in me. I cannot fathom riding a bike or a skateboard as I've seen some guys my age do--again--I have zero drops left in me. A fall would be my, well, fall. I feel it in my brittle bones. Nevertheless, There's no window on the tank but it seems to hold a good deal and operates quite dependably-so. Barely needs bled.

Do as I say and not as I do, and never light a pipe with a torch. That said, when I use this to light a pipe, it does do better upside-down than most. I know a gal who likes to light a cigarette with it, terrible things... cigarettes, not gals. Like any single, it's great for precision touch-ups of stogies, but (again) the smooth-rounded small size makes it a bit flippy in my mitt.


::: very :::