Friday, May 12, 2023

Annotating a Note | La Gloria Cubana Cigars Corojo de Oro

BRAND: La Gloria Cubana
BLEND: Corojo de Oro

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Habano
BINDER: Corojo de Oro (proprietary hybrid)
FILLER: Brazilian, Dominican, Nicaraguan

FORMAT: Toro (650)
ORIGIN: Dominican Republic

Salted caramel

Our note is immediately there between some cracked white pepper and dry suede. All around all is clay earthiness. Saltier than mere salted caramel at first, the sodium dials back when the rest settles in place. A far away Mexican hot chocolate not at all nears our note--but they can spot each other at times from across a crowded room.

Salted caramel (our note) really widens-out as the ash builds to three-quarters of an inch. I can feel its sweetness sans stickiness on my palate. Clings some--not cloyingly-so. A citrus-ade-type note cleanses and plays interestingly with the salt. We cruise a spell, and then as the opening act concludes, the salty aspect of our note seems tossed into a paper bag. A note, divided?

Caramel becomes the section of the canvass where it resides in the profile and notes Jackson Pollock splash on it in an albeit thoughtful manner. Salt is just one of those and thankfully, it proved strong enough to punch its way out of a paper bag. That bag blows around as if tossed-out roadside. A dried floral note pops in at the mid-point... introduces a dried apricot... and somehow this fully reconnects our salt and caramel.

I promised myself I wouldn't cry but who doesn't love a good love story? Has anyone ever placed salted caramel squares on a wedding cake? Because I can see it through the bakery window. In fact, I'm fogging up the glass. The caramel really saves this blend from being overly dryly delivered. Its soft-smoothness is nice, too--in an otherwise slightly gruff offering.

I sometimes wonder how a love story ends. We typically are only privy to the first part of the tale, the meeting. Then usually a hiccup, and then the shared acknowledgment of the participants wanting to start their lives together. Those stories seldom reach to the couple's 5th anniversary. Are they happy? Did it stick? We can only imagine, maybe only pretend to care.

Our salted caramel note lasts, I'm happy to say. Salt & Caramel / Caramel & Salt. Carve it either way into a tree. Make it an appropriate oak tree, for tasting notes sake. So much is made of complexity; too little is made of consistency. These two crazy kids grow into looking forward to each and every Meatloaf Monday and nights spent together by the television. It ain't glamorous or even emotional. It's sustainable.


A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79

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