Friday, May 19, 2023

A Brace (One Shy of a Hat-Trick) of Cigar Blog Recommendations

A Brace (One Shy of a Hat-Trick) of Cigar Blog Recommendations

Below I will shine a spotlight on a pair.5 of blogs that I frequent whenever I frequent the premium cigars corner of the internet. They are, in the interest of full disclosure, also run by my buddies. Actually, in the further pursuit of that interest, I'm less of a spotlight and more of a candlelight guy in an extra-medium-sized measure of bioluminescence, but you get the gist.

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Craig Venderslice has been writing/blogging about cigars and the cigar lifestyle since whatever the heck Usenet was--back when 'Herf' was a newly-minted word. Although not as nice a person as his better-half, he does hold his own and this expresses itself through his views. When you read his posts, you're offered a tastefully excited passionate lens to peer through; peppered with just the right amount of sarcastic edge.

Craig pulls hard for the premium cigar industry and will on occasion also hold its feet to the flame. What I like most (returning to some of the previous paragraph's sentiment) is how Cigar Craig lives up to its tagline of "A cigar enthusiast's blog," as it invites you with a well-guided, seasoned hand, to view stuff anew even if viewed prior. It's a journey journaled, and this makes it the epitome and initial intent of the word blog.

But let's not kid ourselves. If you're reading this now, you are likely well aware of Cigar Craig's oeuvre. Maybe then this could best serve as a reminder to visit him more often, maybe delve into the ginormous database he's incidentally created over the years. I imagine a big reason people become interested in 'cigar media is to talk the talk, and so, walk the walk. For that, I couldn't think of better salt-of-the-earth tutelage.


Phil Kurut writes excellent cigar reviews, and I say that only partially due to his tasting/performance notes. What Phil captures is the experience of the simple act of sharing a smoke with his readership. Let me fine-tune that sentiment. Many people just want to learn how to smoke. Hidden in Phil's reviews are any number of seasoned smoker tricks and tips. It's a lot like sharing a smoke with a guy who's further along than you.

That last sentiment is funny because you'd assume anyone reviewing cigars to be both adept and advanced. You'd be assuming incorrectly. Funny. I'll use the word again, this time regarding the humor of CCM. Phil's a funny guy whose humor is settling as opposed to say mine. You might not even realize you're learning. Especially if you fall into his recent set of reviews where he employs a stable of character voices.

I asked him yesterday about the 'music' part of his site's title but honestly forgot to listen to his response. I'd be remiss if I were to not also say that he and I have a podcast together called 1st & 15th but you likely already know that because I post many of the episodes here on Kaplowitz Media. If this is news to you, however, go check it and the rest out on his website. He's also handy with nunchucks.

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I get a kick out of the fact that I get to consider both of these guys my friend. But that's touchy-feely and self-centered schmaltz.

Why I'm glad to highlight these two and their spots on the www is that there are a lot of lesser-thans in cigar media today. It's good to focus on the positive in light of the unknowledgeable newbie attention-seekers with IG accounts negative. Of course, this is not to say that more cases of good than listed here don't exist. They assuredly do. As in all things, just apply some critical thinking.

Finally, a special s/o to Mike Weinstein because with that addition, we become the men that the Golden Girls either drag along or leave behind to or during their wacky advancing middle-aged hijinx. Mike posts regularly to the Kaplowitz Media. Group aka MIKE'S BLOG thing on Facebook. If you excuse me, I'm starting to feel as if this is becoming too self-serving--so just go check these fellas out.

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