Thursday, April 27, 2023

Macanudo Cigars Inspirado Tercio Aged in Review

BRAND: Macanudo
BLEND: Inspirado Tercio-Aged

WRAPPER: Mexican San Andres
BINDER: Indonesian
FILLER: Colombian, Dominican

FORMAT: Toro (654)
ORIGIN: Dominican Republic
INTENSITY: Medium/Med.-Full

Tarzan in a suit | White Fang at the groomer | Acclimation

My memory is terrible. What was I saying? Ah, Tarzan. I seem to recall a movie wherein Tarzan was plucked from the wild and put in a suit. It was a bit like White Fang embracing domesticity. Both scan always a bit wild in the not so underneath. At least at first. This cigar has some similar un-tamed underpinnings.

Sure, it might like a belly rub and might also appreciate that chandelier--but it also might bite you and swing until the thing falls from the vaulted ceiling. I'm taking liberties. I barely recall the flick (as noted) and read the book when I was in grade school. The suit thickens and the taste of canned food becomes acquired as the smoke smokes.

Until it's all suit, all kibble refinement, via slow evolution.

Herbs and spices lurch out-ahead uh-oh. Aggressive vegetation? Sweaty hands gripping vines? Different. That quiets. Subtle added notes of leathery-wood, tiny epiphanies, allowed to be. Grains. Nuttiness. Baggy bag of beans. Malt. Tastes like scrying. Like reading tea leaves. Tastes like tea leaves, spent. Rorschach, with one correct, unique answer.


A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79

::: very :::