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Another Message from Kaplowitz Media. Books About TALES OF HENRY SWALLOW (Issue #1) [Excerpt Included]

Another Message from Kaplowitz Media. Books About TALES OF HENRY SWALLOW (Issue #1) [Excerpt Included]

An original work of fiction, Tales of Henry Swallow Issue #1 is ready set go to be the first installment of an on-going, open-ended series of tales and chaps. Each chapbook issue will include two short stories. They will be released according to no schedule. Featured within is a father-son duo of apparent time-travelers who are equal parts amateur detectives and professional gentlemen thieves.

Issue #1 of TOHS contains the following tales:

PISS OFF (as an introduction) introduces our father-son pair in a Victorian-Era setting. A broken man, a crazy lady, and a lot of rain. Also, a quite valuable gem. I do hope you're not claustrophobic.

THE FIGHTING BRUNOS our fellows are off to a ghetto heatwave sometime in the 1940-50s. There, we're privy to Gorgeous George and also to the seedy underbelly of professional boxing.

For more information or to order: kaplowitzmedia(at)yahoo(dot)com

Here, have an excerpt:

"His still bruised and butterfly-stitched face turned away from the televised golden locks of a perfume bottle spraying Gorgeous George. He walked, for no reason in particular, toward and through the heaviest door he’d ever seen. His blurred vision rested upon the silver-plated and mother of pearl ornately festooned cash register. He peered through the oppressive air of the shop and through again an opened dense dark blue curtain. A fan blew at it and it did not stir. Henry was helping his father to spoon beans in through his uncooperative mouth, hand atop hand on the dulled utensil. Until only Henry’s remained. The sun had begun to think of setting but the humidity was unrelenting and the swelter remained. The few women left as Bruno entered, he was used to that. He gave them their distance and then bellowed without thought I’m here to collect. Henry paused. His father's jaw ground sideways and the tremor of his hand rapped at no greater or lesser speed than before on the wooden arm of his chair."

- From The Fighting Brunos

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Kaplowitz Media. Books are self-published chapbooks, to be more precise. Pamphlets, to those of you in the UK. ::: very ::: underground. As I've said elsewhere and will paste here: many blogs and podcasts have 'merch.' Maybe think of these small KM. books as such. Although they will take longer to read than a T-shirt. Also available is 'How to Enjoy a Cigar.' Find out more about KM. Books HERE.

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