Wednesday, March 8, 2023

1st & 15th Podcast "Simpler Times" EPISODE 50

1st & 15th Podcast "Simpler Times" EPISODE 50

(Originally aired 3/1/2023)

I heard somewhere that most podcasts last only seven episodes. We stand on the shoulders of midgets.

Of this turn, our most recent turn, my co-host Phil Kurut writes: "In this episode of the 1st & 15th, Kap and Phil celebrate the 50th episode, discuss the history and future of the 1st & 15th, Little House on the Prairie, and Kap's new book. BUY IT!"

You can listen to this episode HERE on Apple Podcasts.

I have lately been doing a terribly poor job of posting recent episodes of 115 here. Mainly due to my doubly recent hiatus, but still--terribly poor effort. It's important that you sub to the show on the player of your choice, so as to not miss a beat.

1st & 15th Podcast: Twice a month (see show name for dates), Phil Kurut and I chat too long about nothing of any consequence. A pure waste of time. Look for it on your preferred podcast player. Then rate and review. ANNOUNCING NEW ADDITION of 115 XTRA a short show which fills the off-weeks of the main show. Cool.

As to the book (mine) mentioned, there is more info re that HERE.

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