Saturday, October 8, 2022

HOW TO ENJOY A CIGAR (excerpt) from Kaplowitz Media. Books

HOW TO ENJOY A CIGAR (excerpt) from Kaplowitz Media. Books

Welcome to a doubly uncommon for KM. Saturday Evening post.

"But hey, a deeper understanding of what you’re experiencing and why, within reason, could well serve to enhance your enjoyment. I’ll tackle ash in a rudimental manner. A long-leaf premium cigar, bunched correctly, should be able to hold an inch of its own burnt offerings. It aids in insulating combustion, as well. More than that is a photo-op and less than that is maybe short-filler or bad bunching. Bunching is what’s done when the filler-leaf is surrounded by the binder. This is prior to the wrapper being applied. Again, a rudimental explanation but rest assured you’ll be taught more when you get hired at the cigar factory, and within your 90-day probationary period.

"I’ve mentioned it already but do so please roll off your ash. Flicking is for cigarettes. Tapping is traumatic and borders on vulgarity. This is not mere hoity-toity etiquette but a way to treat your stick kindly. After you’ve smoked a few, you’ll notice that some ‘stack dimes’ or build in a ladder-rung sort of way. Others seem covered in a sheath. Some are pale or silver, others are dark. Some show little crystalized pockets called tooth. You can also see tooth on the unburnt wrapper. All this has to do with the soil they are grown in. When you get hired at the tobacco farm, you’ll learn all about this. Or, you can go down any number of these numerous rabbit holes on your own."

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You see, this small book, this chapbook, this pamphlet--deals with simply furthering your enjoyment. Not with furthering your lingo, jargon, or trivia. It's just you, me, and the cigar you choose (a choice I help you make). From start to end. I tell you about things like taste, body, aroma. I touch on some troubleshooting. I also spin a couple-few yarns and take a few moments to address etiquette. Again, the focus is on more fully enjoying your smoke, above all else.

How to Enjoy a Cigar is meant to be read in roughly the time it takes to smoke a decent offering, and costs about as much as one. Order your copy today by emailing me at kaplowitzmedia(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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