Saturday, September 10, 2022

"How to Enjoy a Cigar" from Kaplowitz Media. Books AVAILABLE NOW

"How to Enjoy a Cigar" from Kaplowitz Media. Books AVAILABLE NOW

"A chapbook meant to be read in roughly the time it takes to enjoy a premium cigar. Perhaps your first cigar, or fifteenth, or a reset of sorts after years of smoking--in the further pursuit of your enjoyment. Bogged down with neither jargon nor lingo but is instead designed to impart upon the reader what they need to know in order to get the most from their smoking experience." That, from Kaplowitz Media. Books (where you can find out more about upcoming offerings).

A small excerpt:

"That’s the etiquette portion. Also never touch another’s cigar and for chrissake, never share one. Maintain your bubble and allow others to maintain theirs. Etiquette’s purpose, at its roots, is a grand one. That is to allow others their enjoyment, thus insuring your own. One day I gifted my barber at the time a nice cigar. The next time I saw him, I asked how he liked it. He responded with, “We passed it around and we all liked it.” I ran out from that den of inequity, never to return, and on the way home I purchased clippers. Horrific. I'm certain that if I had looked back, I’d be a pillar of salt right now."

More and again what to expect from this lovely booklet is a lesson or reminder of what is needed to enjoy your smoke. Included is a smattering of story-telling, an un-inforcing of needless rules, and freedom from superfluous accouterments. It's a pretty dang cool read--if I do say so myself. To get your copy, which is roughly the price of a decent cigar, send me an email at kaplowitzmedia(at)yahoo(dot)com and we'll make that happen for you. Are you dreaming of more enjoyment? Don't let your dreams be dreams. Send me that email today.

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