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StillWell Star Bayou No. 32 by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Cigar Review

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StillWell Star Bayou No. 32 by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Cigar Review

WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Habano
BINDER: San Andreas Negro
FILLER: Virginia (Bright & Red), Perique, Nicaraguan, & ???

FORMAT: Toro (652)
ORIGIN: Joy de Nicaragua

Lemonhead candy | Black pepper | Patent leather

"It's a lot like peppered Lemonheads," reads a text I send to an only somewhat interested party. Black peppercorn, that's the Perique, and under that is its inherent savoriness. A patent leather thing. The sweet & sour OK sour and sweet tidings are brought by the Virginias. The cigars aspect of this Frankenstein experiment is a nice look at brawny but well-trained Nicaragua. Bold not brash and nicely complex Dark chocolate, red spices, more black pepper (flakes here), and dark grains, toasted heavily. A black bread vibe. It's definitely an invigorating blend. Crispy bacon at the half-way mark for about an inch.

A bit of mash bill booziness sidles into the middling. Savory earthiness a soy sauce fungal oriental cuisine sense of imagery. Candied almond. Tropical flowers. Sarsparilla snoot-full. I've taken to writing these StillWell reviews in a pipe tobacco style--funny enough though--this Bayou is the most cigar tasting of what I've smoked thus far. I have yet to smoke the Navy (that reads oddly). Nevertheless, a quite delineated and hyper-focused smoke here. Complex, but somewhat lacking in nuance as it feels a tick untethered at times. A soaring thing. As a kid, I used to watch the Blue Angels from the boardwalk. Brighton Beach.

A slightly damp snug draw seems to be a running theme with the StillWell line-up, but it never truly impedes. Ash grows thick and oily-dense. Mouth-feel too is viscous. Finishes on long chubby legs, cleanly-so. Smoke out-put is big with a plush sweet-savory room-note. Build is excellent, with no softening or loosening. Burn-line lags a tick on occasion, as far as the wrapper keeping pace with the rest--but happens on a straight and thin line. A cigar that likes to be smoked and seems impossible to over-smoke. A boon for the greedy. 


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