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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Crowned Heads Cigars Awarded One Star | A Kaplowitz Guide Update

"Have you Kaplowitz'd to-day?"

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One Kaplowitz Media. Star is awarded to Crowned Heads Cigars.

Jon Huber & Mike Conder met at CAO then started Crowned Heads (2011). That's about it for the history part of this Guide Update. Why the Kaplowitz Star? Consistently excellent blends with a branded focus in terms of flavor profile & marketing/branding. Huber, the front(er) man of the two, considers himself a "shy extrovert," as told to then by Tobacco Business. This meaning he is socially more self-confident when creating.

That's neat. Also neat is the haberdashery level amount/quality of Crown Heads swag which exists. Even neater is the marrying of song & smoke, most notably Johnny Cash. In a very real sense, CH has become a lifestyle brand & one with the good-goods to back the hype. This, particularly if your palate gravitates to the more purposeful & robust. The spicier of the meat-a-balls, most notably in their My Father factory-made offerings.

As to portfolio recs, begin with the richly delicious La Imperiosa, the prior-limited 2014 Las Calaveras blend. Then give the no holds barred charred flavor & nicotine punch Jericho Hill a spin, but remember: in Soviet Russia Jericho Hill spin you! Last but not least, track down the delectable Tennesee Waltz, a rare A+ grade recipient & 2015-16 Kaplowitz Media. Cigar of the Year.

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