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Friday, August 28, 2020

Kaplowitz Media. Cigars SPECIAL REPORT | Fifth Anniversary Celebration Schedule | #Kappys2020, Kaplowitz Guide, Cigar of the Year

"Have you Kaplowitz'd this-year?"

September brings around the 5th year of Kaplowitz Media. Cigars programming (blog/podcast). It is a month-long celebration & will go a little something like this. Hit it:
A bit more on each...

The big kick-off to the Kaplowitz Media. aniversario celebracion. Industry awards will be handed out. Categories will include & perhaps not be limited to: Brand & Factory of the Year, Blender of the Year, Best in Media, Cigar Critic of the Year. Also: Best in Presentation, Packaging, Art Design, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Gentleperson of the Year &&& a Lifetime Achievement Award. Oh, and a Booby Prize for funsies. It all publishes at once on the first. Bob's yer uncle. HERE are last year's results.

Find out who won what HERE.
Listen to a full wrap-up HERE.

Then mid-month comes and with it the signed, sealed, & delivered Kaplowitz Guide for 2020. There have been & will continue to be UPDATES ALONG THE WAY, but this posting on the 15th is the gospel, pure & simple. A fundamentalist's delight. Plus, look for unexpected/unannounced via update last-minute stars being awarded... & stripped. OMfuckingG.

Get yo' 2020 Guide HERE.

Every cigar entered into every CIGARS OF THE MONTH list is entered into the race to be the best of 2019-20. This is presented via a single blog post which gets updated n accordance with this schedule:
  1. All Cigars of the Month listed (9/26)
  2. Best of each month announced (9/27)
  3. List is whittled down to ten (9/28)
  4. Ten-six announced (9/29)
  5. Five-one announced (9/30)
HERE is how last year's shook-down. 

*** Do you now understand how big this is? Five (5) years of Kaplowitz Media. Cigars & it's you who are given the gift. Hot darn! However, if you feel the need to reciprocate via donation to keep Kaplowitz Media. going & G R O W I N G, you may do so via Paypal HERE. ***

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