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Cavalier Geneve Cigars Receives Rising Star | A Kaplowitz Guide Update

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[Before more & to clarify, these rising stars are NOT official stars but a 'heads up' of sorts. A nod. Again, please visit for ye lay of the land.] thx

A Rising Star is awarded to Cavalier Geneve Cigars.

A Swiss brand rooted in the European market & since 2016 embarking upon the New World. Knowing the US market to be possessing a different palate, Cavalier (Sebastien Decoppet) began by offering a USA exclusive -- w/ darker, grittier, & more aggressive bits. Intent writ meaningfully large, there. An olive branch intro of an offering that speaks well, its host's language.

All told: interesting tobaccos, intriguing blends & even w/in the Euro lines a subtle rustic nature somewhat not all-foreign to Americana. Also, an undercurrent of identifiable kinship among the varying & variable blends; a nice thing there, to retain a signature across portfolio. Note too, the 24k gold leaf affixed to each stick, acting as shiny retail humidor bait. What would secure a star for this brand? Time & a broader profile. So we wait.

While we wait, try their White Series, Davidoff w/ balls & perhaps back hair, say. Also, their Black II, a beautifully refined look at San Andres leaf. I just recently re-evaluated their Black Series (USA Exclusive) & plan on doing the same w/ the rest.

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