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San Juan Island Tea Farm Organic Jasmine Green Tea | Review by Kaplowitz

“LoFi & lovely”

San Juan Island Tea Farm
Organic Jasmine Green Tea

ORIGIN: Jiangxi, China
TYPE: Green

FORMAT: Loose (scented)
METHOD: Grandpa style



Smells like flowers and soap. We'll say a mineral lilt is detected. A bit of foggy matte complexion swirls in a medium-dark amber hue, vision-wise. As to the sip, add a bit of sandalwood and herbaceousness to that opening sentence. Predominantly jasmine-y, natch.

The tea leaf employed does impart a very nice body, oily over astringent but not imbalanced therein. Also a bit powdery on the palate. Soft but not subtle. Nuanced but not complex. As stated, sips a lot like its nose & slurps that way, too... with a bit stiffer sandalwood. Thickly vegetal. Finish flirts with a fruity smokiness at its onset, which throws me for a gentle loop.

All told, a bit simplistic by design and maybe a bit ham-fisted by that same design. Pleasant and comfy, tho -- if you like jasmine, of course.

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