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Kaplowitz Radio EP138 "Frigidaire"

"LoFi & lovely"

In this episode:

> my new fridge: it's white, has handles &+...
> B I G month coming up ahead
> live cigar review! (Viva la Vida)
> a poetry reading;
(Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves - Peter Hubbard)
> Kaplowitz Reads Kaplowitz

Show cigar: Artesano del Tobacco Viva La Vida Gran in Toro

Artesano del Tobacco Cigars Viva la Vida (Torpedo)
Artesano del Tobacco Cigars Viva la Vida (Robusto)

I made mention of a written review of this iteration (Gordo). This may or may not happen. Will place a link [here] if/when that sees fruition. thx (I'll listen back & see if there's 'nuff to add to warrant that.)

Snack Tray sat in on this one at the top. thx agn

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