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Allan's Coffee & Tea Four Horsemen | Tea Review by Kaplowitz

"LoFi & lovely."

Allan's Coffee & Tea
Four Horsemen
(Pyramid Sachet)


"A delicious blend of four of our most loved black teas, Assam FTGFOP, Darjeeling 2nd Flush, Yunnan Breakfast and Organic Keemun Breakfast."



Crisp clarity within a reddish brown hue to the eyes. Sweet flowery to the nose, rather fragrantly-so. Bits of honey and hibiscus there. Sips richly to the tune of its aroma w/ peppery wooden bracing. Savory bits of earthy malty cocoa and a soft roasted nuttiness are on the slurp.

Strong taste & full body offers a long finish which picks up a tick of decent astringency on the corners of the tongue. Delicate for as bold as it is. Complexities are easy & telegraphed groks but very nice & delivered in deep nuances.

I drank a cuppa this on:
Kaplowitz Radio EP133 "CigarCon & the PCA"

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