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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

La Aurora Cigars ADN Dominicano in Robusto - Cigar Review by Kaplowitz

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La Aurora ADN Dominicano
WRAPPER: Dominican
BINDER: Cameroon
FILLER: Dominican Republic, Pennsylvania & Nicaragua

FORMAT: Robusto
ORIGIN: La Aurora Cigar Factory, DR

NOTES: Sweet via ZERO bar* with a tangy warmly spiced kicker which balances well. Some sharp white pepper extends from there to growing finish. Cream. Vanilla bean. Savory oils mount. Coffee dark roasted but still more sweet than bitter w/ a bunch of raw sugar additions. Could be smoother, could be rounder. Performance is excellent, particularly draw & burn-line.

*"The ZERO candy bar, introduced in 1920, is a candy bar composed of a combination of caramel, peanut and almond nougat covered with a layer of white fudge (a.k.a. white chocolate fudge). Its outwardly white color, an unusual color for a candy bar, has become its trademark." - Wikipedia

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

"During this year’s Procigar, La Aurora showed off a brand new line named ADN Dominicano, which translates into Dominican DNA from Spanish.

"While the majority of La Aurora cigars are produced with tobacco that is grown using traditional techniques, the ADN Dominicano is quite different, as it incorporates andullo tobacco which refers to a unique way of processing the leaves. Instead of being harvested and placed in pilones—basically extremely large piles of tobacco that are rotated in and out as the leaves process—as is the case for most cigars, andullo tobacco is wrapped into large pods known as yaguas after being harvested. These pods are then rooted into the ground while the tobacco processes." - (2017)

"A year ago, at the 2017 Procigar festival, La Aurora debuted what was to be a Dominican exclusive cigar called ADN Dominicana. Luckily for us, these became available to the U.S. last September, and enthusiasts can discover a new/old style of tobacco called Andullo. 

'La Aurora ADN Dominicano is the latest release of La Aurora, a cigar with an exceptional blend whose soul is the Andullo. Using this type of tobacco, La Aurora pays tribute to the oldest Dominican tobacco process and although little known today is deeply ingrained as an essential part of the Dominican Republic’s tobacco culture and its processing practices for hundreds of years.'" - (2018)
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