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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man in Toro - Cigar Review by Kaplowitz

"As we noted in previous articles on Hiram & Solomon, they moved operations to the Plasencia factory in Nicaragua this year and worked with Master Blender David Blanco from Blanco Cigars to update the blend. That move has been paying pretty big dividends for the company as the cost of production has decreased and that decrease has been passed through to the consumers. Another benefit of the move was the quality of tobacco they have access to. As this will be the second re-do of a Hiram & Solomon cigar since they moved I can certainly say the tobacco source made a difference." - Stogie Press 

I've been underwhelmed by the H&S portfolio so far. I'm just about OK calling this a schtick brand. Not a novelty cigar, but a cigar which is geared toward a bit of schtick which if you enjoy, you'll enjoy. Niche stick? You get the gist. Freemasons seem to have gotten gaudier and deeper in douchebaggery as of late. btw Does anyone else notice this? Lots of bling. Oh well.

This from Cigar Reviews by The Katman
The definition of Traveling Man as described by the Masons:
"If they are truly masons it is simple to find out. All you have to do is ask them "Are you a traveling man?" If they respond with, "Yes I am. I am traveling from the west to the east." Then you ask them "And what is it that you seek in the east?” They should respond with “I am seeking the point of illumination."

Seems like a thing that if true, should be a better-kept secret.

I'mma light this thang...

Quite dry overtones of a sweet pepper-spiced hardwood-cum-cedar. Sweetness is part of a crisp natural 'baccy parcel, pepper-spices are bright black pepper with a bit of darker smoked paprika & clove. Undertones are a stiffly toasted leather savory bracing and not much else. through the opening third, then thereafter, a vague red/purple fruit sweetness enters. Not very balanced. Complex 'nuff for the above notes. It always strikes me as odd, when reviewers give a laundry list of notes only to site a lack of complexity. Nicely nuanced with deepening notes. Retro-hale is sharp and don't add 'nuff to warrant the ouch. Medium-full flavor.

The body is a medium-full, as well but hampered-some by a rigid dryness. Smooth in a talc fashion. The finish lingers well in a sweet-bitter manner but unfortunately ends in a bit of charcoal charring. 

Strength is a robust medium. I can't tell if this headache is coming from this Traveling Man or my growing To-Do list. Does get a bit throaty then chesty in 2/3 & 3/3, respectively. 

Combustion is a selling point here. Burns on a razor-line. Grows a tight silver ash to an easy inch at a time. Slowly paced, though not laborious. Could use a bit more passive smoke out-put but active out-put is quite, well, active. Room-note is a slightly irritating spiced leather wherein the charcoal end is noticeable. 

Construction features a great draw; medium tension'd and smoothly-even from gate-to-wire. There are some noteworthy amounts of softening pack density to the point it seems under-stuft. Odd, given the long smoke-time. Cosmetically, the shaft is quite lumpy. Seams hold fast, although loosen a cunt hair up by the char. Smoke temp warms in the 3/3.

All told, this Traveling Man trumps the rest of the Hiram & Solomon portfolio. Yes, I have smoked the Veiled Prophet. 

WRAPPER: Indonesian Sumatra
BINDER: Indonesian
FILLER: Brazilian Arapiraca, Habano Jalapa, Habano Ometepe and Dominican

STRENGTH: Medium-Full
ORIGIN: Plasencia Factory, Nicaragua

A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 0-59

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